Western Admission Dates & Deadlines

Western University is one of the leading research universities in Canada! Known for its excellent academic programs, Western offers more than 400 undergraduate and graduate programs to its students. The university is home to a number of highly respected research institutes, and in addition to its academic excellence, it is committed to providing a world-class student experience. Whether you’re looking for an excellent education or a dynamic student experience, Western University is a perfect choice for any student.

Are you eager to become a student at Western? Want to learn more about the Western admission dates and deadlines? Keep reading and we’ll tell you what you need to know!

Western Admission Dates and Deadlines

Western offers a rolling admission policy, meaning that students can apply to Western at any time up until the deadline! However, Western strongly encourage students to submit their applications as early as possible. The earlier your application is submitted, the better chance you have of being admitted.

Western also offers Early Decision and Early Action programs for students who are sure that Western is their first choice school. Students who apply for Early Decision will be notified of their admission status by December 15th. The deadline for Early Action applications is January 15th.

Students who are not admitted through Early Decision or Early Action will receive a decision by April 1st. Western University’s deadline for regular decision applications is February 1st. All students who apply by this date will receive a decision by April 1st.

Western University’s deadlines and admission dates are as follows:

  • Regular Decision: February 1st
  • Early Decision: November 15th
  • Early Action: January 15th
  • Admission decisions will be mailed out: on December 15th

For more information, you can visit Western’s website or contact their Admissions Office.

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