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Written by Stephanie Pugh

Western University, located in London, Canada, is a safe, vibrant and welcoming community of more than 383,000 people.

Western appeals to students with a broad world view, those seeking to study, engage with and eventually lead in the global community. Students from more than 100 countries share classroom experiences that broaden personal perspectives and understanding.


  • Ranked among the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide
  • One of the highest national entrance averages of first-year students at 90.6%
  • 95.2% employment rate after graduation

Stand Out Programs:

  • There are 12 faculties, including the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, as well professional programs in Medicine, Business, Law and Engineering
  • Western ranks highest in Social Sciences & Management, followed by Life Sciences & Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Arts & Humanities, and Natural Sciences.

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General Admission Requirements:

Western University seeks to admit the best possible domestic and international students on the basis of academic performance and potential. They select applicants for admission based on competitive strength! In the admissions process, Western will consider high school applicants’ achievements from all courses taken in grades 11 and 12.

You must meet the minimum requirements for admission consideration, including:

  1. The general admission requirements pertaining to the educational jurisdiction in which you have studied
  2. High school pre-requisites for the faculty/program to which you are applying for at Western
  3. English language requirements:
    1. Nursing Applicants: English language proficiency requirements for admission to Undergraduate Nursing programs are different than requirements for other programs at Western. Please refer to Nursing’s website for further information!
    English Language Proficiency Tests: If your first language is not English, you will be required to write one of the acceptable English language proficiency tests listed on Western’s website. You are encouraged to write a test at the earliest possible date and at the latest before March 2021. Scores for any test written before January 1 may not be accepted.

The Key To Getting In:

The main keys to getting into Western include:

  1. The strength of your mandatory supplemental information (including your personal profile, audition, portfolio, personal statement, etc.)
  2. Your admission average as calculated by Western. Around an 80%+ average is a requirement for most programs; however, each program has a different average. We recommend you strive for a 90%+ average so you have a competitive edge over other applicants!

Western may also consider other aspects of an applicant’s complete academic record in rendering an admission decision including, but not limited to:

  1. Attendance at multiple high schools where there are distinctly different patterns of performance
  2. The number of times courses have been attempted and the associated pattern of achievement
  3. Breadth, rigour, and relevance of high school courses
  4. The relative strength of any required test scores

Where these issues are identified, applicants will be given an opportunity to provide additional supplementary information before an admissions decision is made! Make sure to stand out through your supplementary information. You will want to prove to Western that you would be a great addition to their school, and explain why you are passionate about studying in the program you are applying for!

Degree Specific Requirements:

At Western, the program you choose might have specific degree requirements that you must align with in order to apply!

These requirements can range from a specific GPA, supplementary requirement, or high school prerequisite course requirement.

Below, you can see the degree requirements for the Arts & Humanities program:

Western University

Then, below on this next chart, here are the degree requirements for Medical Sciences or Sciences programs:

Make sure to go to this website to find out the specific degree requirements for your program!

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