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How to Add Volunteering Experiences to Your Resume

Peaches, peaches, peaches, I love you, oh!!! Have you ever longed for something as much as Bowser did for Peach? Are you planning a secret plot to avoid rejection? No? Well, you should! How else will you catch your dream job? An obstacle that a lot of our students encounter is their lack of job experience, but they ignore all the awesome volunteering experience they have! Including volunteering experiences on your resume can significantly enhance your chances of getting hired. Volunteering experience is a great way to showcase your skills and qualities to potential employers. It demonstrates that you are a team player, have a…

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Volunteer in Montreal

The Jacques-Cartier market, the blue dome of the churches around the city, a hundred…

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Volunteer in Victoria

Have you ever walked all the way from Downtown through Fairfield, past the Ross Bay…

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Volunteer in Calgary

At four years old, you go to watch the horses and feel like a hero…

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Volunteer in Ottawa

Whether you are giving your best bombastic side-eye at the tourists learning how to skate…

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Why is Volunteering Important 

Volunteer Today Volunteering has a bad rep right now. With voluntourism, social media philanthropy (who…

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Cover Letters for Students

Have you ever applied to a hundred jobs with just your resume and received no…

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