How to apply to York | Ultimate University Guide

Written by Fernanda Munoz and Arry Pandher

So .. you want to know how to apply to York!

Before applying to York, make sure to learn about their general requirements and their top programs. You can check the first part of our York University Guide: “How to get into York.” In this part, we will give you an insight into the application process and will share our secrets on how to send the most effective application.

What to do before you apply to York University

On August 1st, the applications for York University are now open! Before starting your application process, you need to make sure you keep these things in mind:

  1. Check the deadlines: Remember that there are different deadlines for the Spring, Summer and Winter terms. Similarly, there are different deadlines for Ontario high school students, non-Ontario high school students, and international students. Make sure to follow the one that best applies to you and add it to your calendar.
  2. Review the list of documents you will need to submit:
    1. Official transcripts
    2. Course Descriptions (if you took any postsecondary work outside of North America)
    3. Language Proficiency Requirements
  3. Read through your program’s specific requirements to make sure you have everything they ask for.

How to apply to York University

  1. Choose the program you want to apply to and read through the requirements to make sure you meet them.
  2. Be aware of the application deadlines and start collecting the documents you will need to submit
  3. Create an account in MyFile. This is the university’s platform where they will gather your information and where they will notify you if they need extra documents or information to process your application in a timely manner.
  4. Add your general information, they will ask for some biographical details and you will need to select your chosen program.
  5. Submit all of the documentation that they require. Remember that depending on the program you choose, this might also include a portfolio or an essay submission.
  6. Pay the fees and submit your application.
  7. Contact for any extenuating circumstances or clarification you need to make.

York University Application Fees

Before submitting your application, you will need to pay the application fee. You can pay this online using Visa or MasterCard. The application fee is $130 and it is not refundable. After sending the payment, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted.

York University Tuition

For Canadian students, the average cost of a degree would be $10,590 and for international students, it is $31,110.

York University offers multiple scholarships each year and has a great variety of them exclusively offered for first-year students. You can apply for this scholarship after sending your application through your MyFile account.

After you apply to York University

Once you submitted your application, you will receive an email containing your York reference number. You can then track the progress of your application and submit any extra documents through this number. Remember that it will be your responsibility to assure that York receives all the required documents to evaluate your submission before the deadline.

Make sure to check your email and MyFile account regularly to make sure you don’t miss important notifications.

And finally… take this time to apply for scholarships!

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