When does Western Send Acceptances | Ultimate University Guide

Written by Arry Pandher and Stephanie Pugh

So, you’ve applied to Western, and now you’re wondering ‘When does Western send acceptances?’

Western University strikes a balance between high academic achievement and athletic/social engagement that together fosters a life-long sense of pride and belonging. If you find yourself wondering when you can officially be a part of the Western community, then you’ve come to the right place for those answers!

Keep reading for more details on the Western acceptance process!

Applications and Early Acceptance:

At Western, early offers of admission, scholarships, and residence will be extended to current Ontario high school students who have maintained exceptional academic records. These offers of admission, scholarships and residence will be extended until mid-May.

Applications to apply to Western become available in October, so apply early if you want to be considered for early acceptance!

  • NOTE: International applicants who apply before March 1st will also be given early consideration!

Why apply early? The benefit of early acceptance is that it gives you peace of mind with your application since space is limited at the university. If you do not apply for early acceptance, you run the risk of not getting into the university program you want!

Keep these deadlines in mind:

October 1st – Online application forms are available on the OUAC website.  Applications will continue to be accepted through the fall and winter months. You are encouraged to apply early!

December – Offers of admission to general undergraduate programs begin and will continue throughout the winter and spring. Make sure you accept your offer through the OUAC no later than the date indicated on your offer of admission.

January 15th – Deadline for Ontario high school students to submit completed online applications to the OUAC to guarantee consideration for all programs they apply for.

What to do after you apply:

So you’ve applied through OUAC… now what? Here is where to start after you’ve made your application:

  1. Activate Your Account
  • Once you receive an email from Western Admissions with your Student Number and instructions, activate your Western Student Account, then go to student.uwo.ca and review your Western “To Do List.” This will show you what documents you need to upload or give you information on the steps you’ll need to follow as they process your application.
  1. Submit Required Documents
  • Submit documents exactly as they are requested on your Student Center To Do List. Documents submitted in any other way will not be accepted. We encourage you to send any documents as soon as they are available so you can easily keep track of what you have submitted, and so you can stay organized and on top of your priorities!
  1. Track Your Application
  • You can closely monitor the status of your application by signing in at student.uwo.ca.
  • Current applicants with questions about their files may email Admissions directly at welcome@uwo.ca

What to do after acceptance:

When the time finally arrives, you will receive your Admission Decision from Western:

  • In March and May – Offers of admission, scholarship, and residence continue to be extended to current Ontario high school students.
  • Most admission offers are granted sometime between January and May. The exact timing varies. You will receive notification of your offer of admission via email!

What to do after you get accepted?

After you get accepted, you can take a sweet breath of relief! However, your work isn’t done, there are many preparations that you will want to keep in mind as you move forward!

  1. Connect With The Western Staff and Community
  • You should participate in campus events (Fall Preview Day, March Break Open House, school visits, education fairs, spring meetings) in order to familiarize yourself with Western before your classes start.
  • For information about programs, campus life, residences and career options please email international@uwo.ca
  1. Plan Your Arrival
  • Now would be the time to apply for a study permit, arrange residence/accommodations, and participate in Summer Academic Orientation and course selection. You can refer to your online offer portal for step-by-step details.
  1. Apply for scholarships!
  • Apply to scholarships through Western’s Student Center, or seek out external scholarships in your community!
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How To Ensure a Successful Admission To Western

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