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The process of applying to universities is nerve-wracking, no doubt. However, the waiting game that comes after applying to your dream university can also be nail-bitingly stressful. If you’re interested in getting in and applying to UBC, make sure you check out the previous video guides and blog posts in our UBC Ultimate University Guide! However, if you want the answer to your burning questions, make sure to book an appointment with us for personalized support!

UBC Early Admission

UBC sends acceptances on a rolling basis. Acceptance wait time also depends on which application deadline the student sends in their application by.

UBC has two application deadlines, and subsequently, two timeframes of when they will send acceptances. UBC’s early applications are called ‘first-round offers of admissions’ and close on December 1st. If students apply by this date, UBC ensures that they will get their offers by February 28. If the student has not, it is likely that UBC needs extra documents from the student to fully assess their application.

So in summary, if you’ve applied by the early offer of admission date on December 1st, you will likely get your letter of offer by February 28th.

UBC Regular Admission

Okay, what about the rest of us? When does UBC send acceptances for regular admission applicants? Not to worry. The deadline for regular admission arrives about a short month and a half after early admissions, on January 15th. The window of when you can expect a letter of acceptance from UBC is from January to April.

Also, note that UBC does not give acceptances on a first come-first serve basis. So, whether you apply to UBC’s early admission, or regular admission, the quality of your application matters primarily rather than when you send in your application.

Why is my acceptance taking so long?

If you’ve applied to the regular admission deadline, and find yourself waiting until April, you may be thinking, “why is my UBC acceptance taking so long?”. Valid question!

There are a few actors as to when UBC will send acceptances:

Type of Degree

The type of degree you’ve applied to will have an effect on when you get your acceptance. For example, some degrees, like Fine Arts, have additional requirements like portfolios or audition tapes that take longer to process for the UBC admission committee! Other degrees have a much more straightforward process, and will be processed quicker!

Transcript Availability

The timeframe of when your institution (ex. high school) decides to send your transcripts to UBC matters greatly in terms of when you will get your acceptance. It’s simple: the longer your school takes to send in your grades, the longer you will have to wait for your acceptance. Apart from applying early, or pestering your institution to send in your grades, there’s not much you can do to quicken their pace. Remember – you aren’t the only one applying to university in your high school, so they’re most likely swamped with transcription requests!

Application Quality

Now, we all know that a quality application is a good application. But, specific details of what delays acceptance in your application is unknown (after all, UBC can’t tell all their secrets!). But, we do know that the quality of your application will increase your chances of getting into UBC. So, don’t fret too much about how much this effects the date of your acceptance. Instead, take a look at what we said in our “How to Apply to UBC” guide for a top-tier Personal Profile!

I’ve sent in my application. Now what?

After you’ve sent in your application, it’s time to relax! To get yourself excited, and acquainted as a potential UBC student, look into UBC’s applicant info sessions, events, and take a virtual tour of the campus! If you’re in Vancouver, take an actual tour of the campus! Our top recommendations are the Rose Garden, Blue Chip Cafe, and the Museum of Anthropology!

We’d also recommend being acquainted with other UBC applicants! There are usually Facebook groups, and group chats across various platforms that cater to new applicants! This way, you’ll make new UBC friends before you even step on campus!

If you’re interested in getting into UBC, let us help you! UBC has supported countless students get into UBC with scholarships! Check out PaigeRipdaman, and Amisha’s stories to start! If your interested in securing your future with GrantMe’s support, and want to know how to become a UBC student – take our free, two-minute quiz.

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