What You Need to Know Before Applying to the University of Alberta

Calling all future Golden Bears and Pandas—welcome to The University of Alberta! Ranking 6th in Canada, it boasts excellent humanities and science programs. Here are a few things you need to know about the University of Alberta before submitting your application.

The University of Alberta Campus

UofA has a medium-sized campus with approximately 38,000  students. Located centrally in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, the main campus sprawls over 200 acres! Many students love the local nature trails around Edmonton, as well as weekend festivals and fun local businesses. If you don’t mind winter, you’ll find a beautiful place all year round. With five campuses to choose from, you’re sure to find the right fit for you. 

Getting into the University of Alberta

The university’s acceptance rate sits around 51%. This means approximately half of the students that apply get in. The application process is easy through Apply Alberta. If you’re also considering applying to other universities in Alberta, you can easily use the same account on the Apply Alberta platform to submit your application!

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Paying for the University of Alberta

Prospective students are in luck! Average tuition is considered low at the University of Alberta, sitting around $5320 per year. They also offer over $28 million each year in scholarships, awards, and financial support as well! These scholarships can range from a one-time $1,500 award to the $30,000 President’s Entrance Citation!

While some of these awards are based on grades, others require an essay about your community involvement. 


Is UofA Right for You?

Knowing about the campus, acceptance rate, and tuition costs will help you to determine whether the University of Alberta should be on your list of schools to apply to. 

However, sometimes the best way to determine if a university is right for you is to talk to current students. To learn more about what it takes to get into the University of Alberta, read Leyton’s post on our blog and learn how he won over $140,500 in scholarships to pursue health sciences at UofA!

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