Waterloo Financial Aid

The University of Waterloo offers one of the most generous financial aid programs in Canada. The university is committed to ensuring that Waterloo is affordable for all students, regardless of their financial circumstances. The university offers a variety of need-based scholarships, bursaries, and awards to help students pay for their education.

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Financial-Need Based Assitance at U of Waterloo

The Waterloo financial aid program is needs-based. This means that they take into account your family’s individual financial situation when determining how much aid you’ll receive. They consider factors such as:

  • your parents’ income,
  • the number of people in your family,
  • and whether or not you have any siblings attending university.

In order to be eligible for Waterloo’s financial aid program, and bursaries, you must first complete a needs assessment form.

Once the university has determined your need, they’ll work with you to put together a financial aid package that meets your unique circumstances. The university’s goal is to make its education affordable for everyone. The school works with the government to provide need-based grants and loans (like OSAP) to help cover the cost of Waterloo tuition, books, and living expenses.

Waterloo wants to ensure that you have access to the same opportunities as other students, regardless of your background or economic situation!

U of Waterloo Admission Awards

The University of Waterloo offers a variety of admission awards to students based on academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement. These awards range from small scholarships to full-tuition scholarship packages, and they can be used to offset the cost of tuition, books, and other expenses related to attending university. To be eligible for an admission award, students must first apply to the University of Waterloo and then, depending on the type of admission award:

  • The scholarship can be automatically granted with your application based on your GPA and admission to the university.


  • you’ll have to submit a separate application for the award, which will then need to be approved for selection by Waterloo.

Award applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff, who will select the recipients based on the criteria set forth by the University.

For more information on admission awards, please visit the University of Waterloo SAFA webpage.

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