Toronto Metropolitan University Aerospace Engineering

Written by Akim Hermoso and Matthew Tran

Toronto Metropolitan University’s Aerospace Engineering program is found within their Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. They spare no effort in developing their students to its peak level; as shown from the 23 state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities, including the Ryerson Aerospace Engineering Centre and professors dedicated to your development as a student, engineer, and individual.

Toronto Metropolitan University is perfect for you if you embody these values:

  • Unapologetically Bold
  • Intentionally Diverse & Inclusive
  • Dedicated to Excellence
  • Respectfully Collaborative
  • Champions of Sustainability

Is Toronto Metropolitan University’s Aerospace Engineering Program really for you?

Do you love engineering? Do you love the idea of designing or operating jets, high-speed cars, and even future space exploration and hovercraft?

In Toronto Metropolitan University’s Aerospace Engineering program, you will receive training from world-renowned faculty and use their advanced facilities such as subsonic wind tunnels, propulsion labs, and structural testing facilities. You are also given the chance to participate in optional co-operative internship, or perhaps through participating in the Ryerson Institute for Aerospace Design and Innovation (RIADI).

They Have Future Student Events!

To cope with the on-going restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Toronto Metropolitan University has virtual student events that will help you learn about their unique programs, services, and facilities! You can learn everything from admissions, scholarships, to athletics, and life on campus here!

How Do I Apply to Toronto Metropolitan University Aerospace Engineering?

Before applying, you will still need to check Toronto Metropolitan University’s admission requirements, make sure that the program is still accepting applications, and take a look at the information regarding guaranteed consideration dates.

Toronto Metropolitan University assesses its applicant by taking a look at your complete academic record from secondary and post-secondary studies (e.g college, university).

They have General Admission Requirements outlined for:

You will also need to submit this supplementary application when applying to their program!

Why do you wish to study this program? What influenced your decision to apply to this program? (max. 4000 characters)

  • As this essay can go around 600-800 words, you really want to make an impression to the committee right at the get-go.
  • So in your Introduction, write about yourself, mainly your values and drive behind your decision to study this program.
    • What are the factors that played a big role for you to study this program? (around 2-3 sentences should do here)
  • In the Body paragraphs (2-3 paragraphs), you want to start elaborating on the people or experiences that influenced your decision to apply here.
    • By elaborating, you want to write about your previous experiences or encounters using the STAR Model.
      • So if, say, you are planning to apply for the Accounting and Finance program, you would have to write about any accounting- or finance-related experiences.This could be liquidating finances as the Student Council treasurer, teaching finance/economics/math to younger students, budgeting your part-time job income to save and finally afford your own laptop. Make sure to write about: Situation: What was this experience about? When did this happen? Who were involved? (1-2 sentences) Task: What was your role or main task in this experience? (1 sentence) Action: How did you ensure that you fulfilled your role? What were the steps you took so you can meet your activity’s goal? (3-4 sentences) Result: What were the positive outcome of this experience? How did this experience prepare you to take this program in Ryerson? (2-3 sentences)
  • In your Conclusion, please write how you can contribute to Toronto Metropolitan University. How can you use your skills, talents, and abilities to create an impact to this program? How are you going to use these skills to improve the Toronto Metropolitan University culture and community?

Toronto Metropolitan University Engineering Aerospace Academic Requirements

You’re still not in the clear yet! Toronto Metropolitan University’s Engineering Aerospace program has its own separate academic requirements!

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with a minimum of six Grade 12 U or M courses including the following program specific requirements.

Typically, a minimum overall average of 70% establishes eligibility for admission consideration; subject to competition individual programs may require higher prerequisite grades and/or higher overall averages:

  • English/anglais (ENG4U/EAE4U preferred)
  • Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
  • Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)
  • Physics (SPH4U)
  • Chemistry (SCH4U)
  • Note: The grades required in the subject prerequisites (normally 70%) will be determined subject to competition
    • Applicants with circumstances that warrant special consideration may submit a Special Consideration Form, describing the situation and the nature of the exception requested. Ryerson is committed to reviewing each situation on a case-by-case basis, subject to overall competition and in keeping with the principles of fairness and equity for all applicants.

Note: Toronto Metropolitan University reserves the right to terminate the application process without notice and to amend information presented as necessary at any time. In particular, Toronto Metropolitan University reserves the right to withdraw or change academic program offerings and admission requirements at any time. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy on this site, in the event of a discrepancy, Toronto Metropolitan University’s current Undergraduate Calendar(s) is the official reference document.

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