University Prep Bootcamp

A 2-week summer bootcamp for Grade 9 – 11 students to orient themselves for success with their university applications in Grade 12.
• Learn what admissions committees are looking for
• Identify your core application strengths
• Build your competitive profile
• Plan your initiator role

JULY  4th – 15th, 2022

Two-Week Summer Bootcamp

Presented by Anya Naval

Project Lead – GrantMe Education

“Nothing feels better than helping students realize their full potential and put their best foot forward. I am looking forward to supporting students with their journey to post-secondary!

What is covered?

Our Founder

In attendance, Madison Guy

Founder, COO  – GrantMe Education

“GrantMe came from my own experience as a student. Before I got into my first year at UBC I had no idea what I wanted to pursue. I went through the discovery process myself to figure it out. GrantMe was born out of the idea that we can figure out what students are passionate about, help them find internships and jobs that match with their passions, and develop a plan to get there. The basis of that plan is securing an education at a college or university that will provide students with the knowledge and skills for a successful future.”

Are you ready?

Students succeed with their goals at GrantMe.

Join our two-week bootcamp to prepare for your post-secondary applications.

Two Week University Prep Summer Bootcamp
July 4th-15th, 2022
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