Introducing Tasks by GrantMe

Throughout our research on how to streamline the admissions process for university-hopeful students, we came across one big blocker that prevented students from turning all their hard work into a successful university application: ‘busyness’.

Introducing Tasks by GrantMe

I interviewed many students and when I asked them what they do to keep track of all their work as a student, most told me they just kept it in their head. And when I asked these students if that ever lead to their missing important dates and deadlines… most told me, “Yes.”

At GrantMe, we’ve come to learn one thing that is so important for a student’s success: planned action is equally as important (if not, more important) to scholarship & admissions candidacy as the underlying qualifications that a student may possess.

That’s why my team and I set out to build a space for students to keep track of their work—their Tasks.

Tasks is useful for tracking everything related to your work at GrantMe, including the scholarships and admissions process. But beyond that, you can also keep track of your extra curricular activities and personal activities! We recommend that our students use Tasks to alleviate the pressure associated with keeping on top of all that there is to do as a student—take pressure and turn it in to possibility! With Tasks, you can organize, prioritize, and get in control of your responsibilities.

I’m excited to see that our students have already adopted Tasks and have begun utilizing it in ways we didn’t even think of! We’re super excited to build in to this tool further and deliver more functionality across related experiences.

Fun fact: keyboard shortcuts are on their way for our speedier students!

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