How to see the future of your education – when you can’t see the future of your education.​

Did you know that chess grandmasters can think ~15 moves ahead? They literally visualize the future and think of the steps that would and wouldn’t work to win.

Do you think about your education that way?

Most students don’t and here’s what it costs them:

  • Their friends get an admissions offer- and they’re left staring at an empty inbox
  • Their friends are sitting in a university campus and they are stuck at home with their parents
  • Their friends are posting about #unilife with their friends and they’re cringing

What if I told you this was all avoidable?

And all it takes is to plan a few steps ahead. And you don’t even need to think 15 moves ahead like a chessmaster – just 2 or 3 will do.

Let’s be practical. I’ll take you through an exercise that hundreds of our most successful students use to accomplish their goals. It’s called the SMART framework.

  1. Specific: Be detail-oriented with your goal.
  2. Measurable: Track the goal using numbers. Leave it objective, not subjective
  3. Actionable: Work towards a goal that is challenging but doable
  4. Realistic: Be honest with yourself. Set targets that you are ~70% confident you can accomplish
  5. Time-bound: Give yourself a deadline. I want to accomplish _______ by August 12, 2050

Example: I save $10,000 for my degree by September 12

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That’s our lesson for today. Until tomorrow!  

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