How to Get into Capilano University

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

Capilano University has over a dozen schools, 100 disciplines, and innumerable options for you to make an impact both inside and beyond the classroom. You can start training for the job you desire while acquiring the support you need at this university. CapU’s instructors have decades of expertise and will guide you through your academic adventure.

You’ll come to CapU with a dream, and this incredible university will ensure that you graduate with a strategy to make it a reality! If you’ve decided you’re ready to apply to CapU, you might be wondering: How do I get in? We have the answer to that question, keep reading to find out!

General admission requirements

In order to get into Capilano University, you need to meet the basic requirements of admission. Admission requirements will vary depending on your program but, at a minimum, most CapU programs require your successful completion of the following:

  • A secondary school (Grade 12) or equivalent diploma.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.0 (60%) calculated in Grade 12 U-Level English and two academic Grade 12 courses.

Having a high academic average is what will strengthen your chances of getting into Capilano University. We recommend striving for a Grade 12 GPA in the mid to high 80s for the best results and a competitive average with your admission to this university!

Program-Specific Requirements

  • You will also need to have specific prerequisite high school courses completed in order to apply to some of the CapU programs. Check out which requirements go along with your program of choice here!
  • NOTE: Once you are admitted to the university, you may need to pass the English Diagnostic Test if you are taking English 100, or the Math Placement Test to gain admission to certain entry-level Math courses.

What Else Do I Need to Apply?

All students applying who are applying to Capilano University, do so through EducationPlannerBC (EPBC); a website that most colleges and universities across British Columbia use to handle all of their students’ applications.

Before starting your application to CapU, make sure you have this information at the ready!

  • Your personal and contact information
  • Know the name(s) of the 1-2 CapU programs that you would like to apply for. You will be accessed for your first choice, so make sure that your first choice program is your number one program of choice when you fill out the application.
  • You will need PDF copies of your high school, university or college transcript, and if applicable, a PDF copy of your English language assessment.
  • The names of all the high school(s), university(s) or college(s) that you have attended, or are currently attending. Make sure to include all the dates you were a student in each institution!
  • Make sure you have a credit card ready for the $50 application fee as well!
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