May 4th, 2023 – GrantMe Newsletter #3

We’ll admit it. It’s hard for us to keep a secret and this week, we might have spilled all the tea on getting into Canada’s most distinguished universities and where you can find help for applying to schools in the US (at long last). Pinkies up—class is now in session.

Today’s syllabus:

  • Big bills: Universities nab over $1 billion in funding from the Canadian government
  • Worth it? Our guide to university rankings and prestige
  • Party in the USA: Introducing AdmissionPrep

💯 Trending

💵 11 Canadian universities will be receiving a portion of nearly $1.4 billion in funding for research on artificial intelligence, robotics, carbon capturing and health care. This historic amount isn’t just a boon for current scientists, but will help develop self-driving labs and training for STEM students in the future.

📣 Highlights

Two Spidermen wearing police caps point at each other. Text below reads, "Police the police".

University goes off duty: To boost police recruitment numbers, the Ontario government has removed the need for a post-secondary education to be hired as an officer. Some are worried that soon-to-be cadets will enter the field with fewer skills while police officials remain unconcerned. Time will tell whether law enforcement will need to sound the alarm.

Better than astronaut ice cream: A team of students at the University of Guelph are working on a prototype of a plant-growth chamber for the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Food Challenge. The system will be capable of producing fruits and vegetables without soil, sunlight or fresh water, but sadly, no dressings for the incoming space salads.

In memoriam: Gloria Cranmer Webster, the first Indigenous woman to graduate from the University of British Columbia, passed away on May 1 at the age of 91. A member of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation, Webster was a trailblazer in museum curation, language preservation and the repatriation of First Nations cultural objects.

Star pupil: Athy Ambikkumar, a University of Calgary student and co-founder of Remote Optical, has been selected as a finalist in the Student Entrepreneur National Competition hosted by Enactus and HSBC Bank Canada. When he’s not studying ophthalmology during his residency, he can be found tinkering on his “slit lamp” that creates 3D models of the eye.

When you gotta van Gogh… Thompson Rivers University has announced plans to phase out its Bachelor of Fine Arts program. An online petition calling for the program to continue has since garnered more than 2,300 signatures.

💎 Free resource

Rihanna holds up her fingers to show off her nails, rings and watch.

Sources say that like flavoured water, prestigious universities are back. At GrantMe, we know they never left. That’s why we wrote a guide showing you why they’re worth the hype and how to get in.

Attending a prestigious university can boost a student’s academic and professional career by offering more robust facilities, an extensive alumni network and a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Is it for you? That’s for you to decide. And don’t just read about it, talk about it. Book a call today to see which university is right for you. After all, knowledge is the ultimate flex.

Upcoming deadlines

  • TransCanada Energy Scholarships (May 5)
  • CSTF Bursaries (May 6)
  • My Money, My Future: Canadian Financial Education Challenge (May 9)
  • Scholarship Program for the Children of RBC Employees (May 12)

🚀 Have your admission decision letter on hand? That’s only one of the four things you need to complete the CSTF Bursaries application. Add one reference, your transcript and one short essay question, and you could be on your way to earn $6,000 in funding.

🌎 New in the GrantMe-sphere

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Ever wanted to study in the US? Good news: there’s help for more than just Canadian universities. Meet AdmissionPrep, GrantMe’s newly founded partner program that specializes in university admissions in both Canada and the US.

Learn about their success rate, the leadership team who made AdmissionPrep possible, and the people who will help you on your admission journey, no matter where you go.

Visit the brand new page today to turn your aspirations into acceptances.

👋 Get involved

This month, we’re hosting three webinars on the university application process. In these events, participants will learn about misconceptions about scholarships, crushing admissions essays and what it takes to study in the US.

What comes first? The chicken or the egg?
May 11, 6:30pm PST

Many students think that to get scholarships they first need to get into university. The reality is you don’t and you can take advantage early in high school to get ahead of the game. Register here to learn what came first. 🐓🐣

Become an Essay Wizard: Learn the Methods Behind the Magic.

Date: May 18, 6:30pm PST

Struggling to write a 500-word essay about your life? You’re not alone! Master the essay-writing craft and conquer the blank page. Register here to start your wizarding journey. 🧙‍♂️

Moving Down Parallel 49.
May 25, 6:30pm PST

Thinking about going to university in the US? Register here to start planning for studies in the States. 🇺🇸

Participants are encouraged to bring questions. We’re developing new webinars monthly, so be sure to check in often.

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