May 11th, 2023 – GrantMe Newsletter #4

We watch a lot of things at GrantMe, including scholarship and university deadlines, our data charts and silly YouTube Shorts. But if there’s one thing we never take our eyes off of, it’s the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.

As AI takes hold, we aim to be on the same footing by using technology to help you navigate university and make the education experience faster, easier and better. 3D glasses are out, but this just in: class is now in session.

Today’s syllabus:

  • Reviewing your favourite movie is scholarship material
  • Volunteering is enough with our resume writing tips
  • Get eggs-cited for our math tutoring program

💯 Trending

👁‍🗨 Top Canadian universities are waiting for the release of a list of institutes and laboratories to avoid working with. This safety measure, which will outline facilities that are at “higher risk” of engaging in research interference and theft, could mean the loss of $100 million or more in funding from foreign partners.

📣 Highlights

Kermit the Frog holding a map

Lines in the sand on Wreck Beach: If you’ve ever been to the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus, it’s not hard to mistake the university for a small city. The BC government seems to agree, having given the university endowment lands the chance to join the City of Vancouver or become a new municipality altogether, in the event of which we might have to brace ourselves for varsity font license plates.

Turning a new page: Changing the Narrative isn’t an average book club. Its 15 members, all students at the University of Manitoba and most of whom are in STEM, are dedicated to critiquing how Black experiences are read about and centring Black joy and excellence in literary studies.

Great Wall of oof: A course on the modern history of China was cancelled at Trinity Western University. TWU public relations officials have remained tight-lipped but amid recent concerns about foreign interference in post-secondary institutions, the course’s study of the Chinese Communist Party is suspected to be the source of controversy.

Do these genes make my cells look stable? If we’re talking about the new gene therapy for multiple sclerosis (MS) developed at the University of Toronto, the answer may be yes. MS, a chronic condition that damages the nervous system, may finally find treatment in the form of “reprogramming technology” that turns cells involved in the progression towards MS into ones that promote functional recovery.

Principled profit: On Monday, the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business took home the title of champion at the CFA Societies Canada Ethics Challenge. The competition, which challenges’ “ethical decision-making for those entering the investment management profession”, thankfully doesn’t include backstabbing their siblings for the family fortune.

💎 Free resource

According to Statistics Canada, Gen Z’ers make up 78% of all informal volunteers. After all, it’s a do-gooder activity that you might need to do to even graduate in the first place. But did you know that you can set yourself apart during a job hunt even if you only have volunteering experience?

According to our delightfully Mario-themed blog, the key is using your volunteer experiences to highlight transferable skills and match your past actions with key words in job postings to demonstrate your capabilities, aspiring plumber or not.

If you want more personal advice, we’re here to help you Red Shell your way to an education that leads to career-relevant, well-paying roles. Just click below to book a call and fire away!

Upcoming deadlines

  • Review It Scholarship (May 15)
  • THGM MUSE Scholarship (May 15)
  • Ontario Summer Company Bursary (May 15)
  • Sprak Design Scholarship for Medical Excellence (May 15)
  • Canadian Museum of Nature Inspiration Adult Award (May 27)

🎬 Calling all film critics! The Review It Scholarship wants you to review your favourite movie in under 1,000 words. Hit up Rotten Tomatoes, write out your essay, then have our all-star editing team…review it. (We’ll see ourselves out.)

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Our webinar, What comes first? The chicken or the egg? has been rescheduled from May 11, 2023, at 6:30 PM to May 23, 2023, at 6:30 PM. Register today to learn how to take advantage of your high school years to get ahead of the scholarship game.

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