April 27th, 2023 – GrantMe Newsletter #2

This week, we’re cheering on university students as they finish the last final exams of the term, getting pumped for College Decision Day in the States and helping families get their ducks (and bucks 💸) in a row before the summer. Class is now in session.

Today’s syllabus:

  • Good bill hunting: high-paying university jobs and where to find them.
  • Mayday? We have the scholarship of the month for you.
  • Unlike verified Twitter accounts, our first calls are free.

💯 Trending

🧊 As living expenses increase nationwide, one thing has stayed the same: university costs in Ontario. For Canadian domestic students, the tuition freeze announced by the Ontarian government will last until 2024. Schools aren’t happy, but thousands of students are no longer out in the cold.

📣 Highlights

Squidward bathes in gold coins.

Ice, ice, maybe: next month, the University of Victoria will offer a bachelor’s degree in Climate Science, which will train students to combat crises like global warming. Education will involve learning to negotiate with local governments, write programs and analyze data to ultimately create change by developing climate policies.

Return to sender: the University of Ottawa axes their previously proposed partnership with Amazon. The Telfer School of Management, which had planned to offer a sponsored course on e-commerce, alleges that Amazon was unwilling to meet academic freedom standards and calls the corporate giant “controlling”. Ouch.

Show me the money: the University of Saskatchewan is embarking on the largest fundraiser in the province’s history. The $500 million goal, which the school hopes to reach by 2025, will be used to fund research, Indigenous initiatives, new scholarships and many other golden opportunities.

Call the doctor because Queen’s University’s School of Medicine will add 14 undergraduate and 28 post-graduate spots for aspiring doctors at Lakeridge Health’s satellite campus. By 2028, Ontario is expected to have have 1,212 undergraduate and 1,637 post-graduate seats—a life-saver for the province’s shortage of family doctors.

Thank you for your service, University of Alberta, and your research on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in military veterans and first responders. In the next five years, the program aims to provide new treatment options, including virtual reality-supported psychotherapy.

🎓 Interested in the schools above? We have guides for the top 11 universities in Canada. Whether you’re aiming for a Climate Science degree in BC or looking for a BCom program in Ontario, we’ve got you covered. (Signing yourself over to a mega-corporation not required.)

💎 Free resource

Emily from The Devil Wears Prada repeats, "I love my job."

In between the energy drinks and 7pm study sessions, there’s cause to celebrate: university final exam season is almost over!

After your last exam, sleep in, binge season 4 of “Succession”, then start thinking about your summer plans. We recommend looking for on-campus jobs that 1) on average, pay just as much, if not more, than off-campus positions and 2) are meant to accommodate a student’s busy schedule.

Our guide to finding on-campus jobs covers where to find these positions, how to craft a standout job application and what to do to ace your interview when the time comes.

Not yet in university or way past it? The same tips apply, including applying for on-campus jobs themselves.

Upcoming deadlines

  • Lift Parts Express Scholarship (April 30)
  • The MoolahSPOT Scholarship (April 30)
  • Rotary Foundation and Clubs Scholarships (May 1)
  • The Scientific Teen STEM Essay Contest (May 1)
  • Got a Spine Scholarship (May 2)
  • TransCanada Energy Scholarships (May 5)

800+ TransCanada Energy Scholarships were awarded in 2022. As long as you’re enrolled in a post-secondary institution in the upcoming school year, this essay-free opportunity is for you.

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