Getting Around SFU: Transportation Overview

SFU transportation offers a variety of options for students, staff, and faculty. The school provides a comprehensive network of shuttles, buses, and trains that connect the three SFU campuses. In addition, SFU also operates a fleet of bicycles that can be rented for a nominal fee. For those who commute to SFU by car, the school offers several parking options, including surface lot parking and garage parking.

SFU Public Transportation

SFU offers a variety of transportation options for students, faculty and staff. The SFU Burnaby campus is served by four bus routes – the r5, 144, and 145 – which run seven days a week. In addition, the SFU Surrey campus is next to the Surrey Central Skytrain Station. For those who prefer to walk or cycle, SFU has over 20 kilometres of trails, including the popular Trans Canada Trail. SFU also has a free shuttle bus service, which runs around the SFU Burnaby campus during peak hours.

Parking at SFU

Parking at SFU can be a challenge for students, staff, and visitors. The university has a limited number of parking spots, and they are often full. There are four main ways to find parking at SFU: park-and-ride, park-and-walk, daily permits, and monthly passes. Park-and-ride is the best option for those who live further away from campus. You can park your car in a designated area and then take the bus to school. Park-and-walk is a good option for those who live close to campus. You can park your car in a nearby neighbourhood and then walk to school. Daily permits are available for purchase at the Parking Services office. Monthly passes are also available for purchase at the Parking Services office. If you plan on driving to campus, make sure to give yourself extra time to find parking. And remember, there are always alternatives to driving, like taking the bus or biking.

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