Best Electives at SFU

SFU offers a variety of courses that students can take to fulfill their elective requirements. These courses cover a wide range of topics, from the arts and sciences to business and social sciences. SFU also offers many online courses, which provide flexibility for students unable to attend classes in person. In addition, SFU offers several credit/no-credit courses, allowing students to explore new subjects without worrying about grades. With so many options available, SFU students are sure to find the perfect course to fit their needs.

Best Electives at SFU

SFU offers a variety of courses that students can take to satisfy their degree requirements. While many of these courses are required for a specific program, SFU also offers a number of elective courses that allow students to explore other areas of interest. Here are some of the best SFU electives that students can take advantage of:

1. BPK 140- Contemporary Health Issues

2. FPA 104- Music Fundamentals

3. IAT 100-Digital Image Design

4. CMPT 166 – Animated Introduction to Programming

5. FPA 149- Sound/Music Production

6. BREW 110 /130– Intro to Brewing /Business Fundamentals

7. CRIS340-Relationship Building

8. FPA 131 –Filmmaking I

9. CMNS 221- Media and Popular Culture

10. Iat 235- Information Design

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