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If you’re looking into universities and asking yourself, ‘where is UBC?’, the first question a UBC’er would ask you is, “which campus?”. UBC’s most popular campus is located in Vancouver, in the neighbourhood of Point Grey. However, UBC has two more campuses that you may not be aware of! It’s true! To learn more about UBC’s 3 campuses, watch our youtube video!

UBC Vancouver

UBC’s Vancouver campus is located in Vancouver, BC on the western peninsula of Point Grey. It is by far UBC’s biggest, and most popular campus. Not only does it include an expansive campus, and multiple libraries, it also includes museums and gardens! One of UBC’s most well-known museums is the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, home to Canada’s largest blue whale skeleton! The Beaty Biodiversity museum also includes a 20,000 square feat exhibition of insects, birds, animal fossils, and BC’s most ancient trackways! Best of all, if you’re a UBC student, its FREE!

UBC Point Grey Campus
UBC Point Grey Campus

Next is UBC’s Nitobe Memorial Garden! The Nitobe Memorial Garden is named after Dr. Nitobe, a Japanese figure integral to BC’s history. The Nitobe Memorial Garden includes scenic walkways to stroll, as well as a traditional teahouse! If you’re feeling stressed about an exam or would just like to clear your head, a scenic walk through Nitobe Memorial Garden will do just the trick.

How do I get to UBC Vancouver?

The two most common ways to get to UBC Vancouver is to take the bus or drive! UBC has many bus lines that go directly to UBC (R4, 49, 44, just to name a few. Check out this neat map that shows the bus exchanges from the UBC Loop! However, if you choose to drive, driving from the airport to UBC, it’s just a 20-25 minute commute!

UBC Okanagan

The UBC Okanagan (also known as UBCO) is located in Kelowna, BC and was opened in 2005. Kelowna is a small town relative to Vancouver, so the UBCO campus has a very different atmosphere to its counterpart! The close-knit environment of the UBC campus allows its students to socialize with local facilities, and take in the surrounding nature of interior BC!

UBC Okanagan Campus
UBC Okanagan Campus

How do I get to UBCO?

While UBCO isn’t as accessible through transit, it is only a 7-minute drive from the Kelowna International Airport and costs only $10 to take a taxi to the campus!

UBC Robson Square

UBC’s Robson Square campus is by far UBC’s smallest campus. It’s located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. UBC Robson Square Campus is mainly used to book lectures, conferences, and study rooms!

UBC Robson Square Campus

How do I get to UBC Robson Square Campus?

UBC Robson Square campus is easily accessible by the Canada Line! It is about a 4-minute walk from the Vancouver City Center Station.

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