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If you’ve applied to McGill and are thinking “When does McGill send acceptances?”, you’ve come to the right place! After you’ve applied to McGill, the waiting game for acceptance can be nerve-wracking! Keep reading for details on the acceptance process!

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When does McGill send acceptances?

Due to McGill’s selection process, it might take a while before you receive a decision!

Academic merit and space availability are the key determinants of admission to McGill. The timing of decisions depends on the completeness of the application and supporting documents, the program(s) applied to, as well as any extenuating circumstances claimed. All dates listed are subject to change without prior notice!

Applicants are responsible for tracking their applications on Minerva and uploading/self-reporting/submitting the required documents as soon as possible. The sooner you submit your documents, the sooner you can hear back from McGill about your acceptance!

Overall, the date of when you will receive your acceptance will depend on:

  • The degree/program you applied to
  • The quality of your application
  • The time when your grades become available to McGill

NOTE: Candidates for highly competitive programs may receive decisions later than the dates listed below; so be patient and keep those fingers crossed!

Here is a chart of the estimated dates for the release of admission decisions:

The following programs have their own schedules for releasing admission decisions. For details, please refer to the faculty website:

What to Do as You Wait!

As you’re waiting to hear back about your acceptance, there are a number of tasks that you can do to keep yourself occupied and prepared for post-secondary at McGill!

Be sure to check your application status in Minerva as it will verify whether your application is completed and that your required documents have been uploaded!

You’ll receive an email confirmation within 48 hours after submitting your application for admission. With the login information you receive, you can access your Minerva account to do the following:

  • Upload your documents (if required)
  • Verify that your documents have been received (you’ll see a received date next to the item in the checklist)
  • See if additional documents have been requested by an admissions officer
  • Fill out applications for Scholarship and/or Financial Aid
  • View the decision that has been made on your application (consult our admission glossary for definitions)
  • Update your contact information
  • Verify your student housing application

It’s important to check your Minerva account regularly! It is your responsibility to verify your status on Minerva and ensure the completion of your application.

Also, as you wait, you can apply for McGill financial aid and scholarships, attend webinars based on their school and take virtual tours of the campus!

How Will I Receive My Acceptance?

McGill will evaluate all the applications you made for each program you applied to.

  • The only acceptance letter(s) you will receive will be sent on Minerva, there will be nothing mailed to you!

How to accept your offer:

You will need to let McGill know you’re coming before the deadline given in your letter of acceptance. Your official letter of acceptance can be found on Minerva:

  • To consult your letter and verify your deadline, login to your Minerva account (Applicant Menu > Applicant Status) select your application and click on the PDF link next to your decision. This is your official letter of acceptance (you will not receive a hard copy by mail) – you may print copies for your files and you can also use printed copies for your Study Permit and CAQ applications.

If you are decided on McGill, you can accept your first offer as soon as it is sent out! Accepting your first offer will not influence the review of your other program choices. If you are later admitted to a second program and you wish to accept that offer, you must contact Service Point to request a change.

What if my Admission is Denied?

At the end of the waiting game, if your admission into McGill ends up being denied, don’t lose hope yet!

Any applicant who has been denied admission may submit a written request for reconsideration to the admissions office which denied admission. The time frame for making this request, as well as supporting information requirements, are available in the Procedure for Requesting Reconsideration document. The deadline to submit a request is June 15, and reevaluations begin April 1.

How To Ensure a Successful Admission To McGill

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