What You Need to Know Before Applying to the University of Toronto

Commonly referred to as one of the top universities in Canada, the University of Toronto is a great place to get a prestigious education. It’s top academic programs and well-known reputation put it at the top of many students’ dream schools list. Here are a few things you need to know about UofT before submitting your application.

The UofT Campus

UofT has three campuses in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for students to choose from! The St. George campus is in the heart of downtown Toronto. Its beautiful historical architecture will catch your eye and there’s plenty to explore throughout the city. The Scarborough campus is known for its proximity to green spaces. Catch the beautiful sakura trees blooming on campus in the springtime! The Mississauga campus is located on 225 acres of protected greenbelt along the Credit River, making it a picturesque campus often visited by deer! With a total of 61,690 students at UofT, you’ll be sure to find friends to explore the campuses with.

Getting into UofT

The University of Toronto’s acceptance rate is on the low end at 43%. This means that two out five students that apply get in.

Thankfully, some faculties and programs allow you to submit a supplemental application. Most of the questions on this extra application are open-ended and focus on getting a sense of who you are and how you would contribute to UofT. This gives you a chance to highlight your volunteer experience and other non-academic achievements that would make you an excellent future UofT student. 

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Paying for UofT

Despite their prestigious reputation, UofT’s average tuition remains on the low side in Canada at $6,590 per year!

The University of Toronto also offers scholarships 4,400 entrance scholarships to help reduce this cost! You’re in luck if you have strong grades are they base many awards on academics. Other awards are based on excellence in areas like community involvement or athletic achievement. Bursaries given for financial need may also be an option. 

Their largest award is their National Scholarship Program. This scholarship covers tuition, incidental, and residence expenses for your entire four-year degree! If you have strong grades and volunteer experience, you could be one of ten students awarded this scholarship. 

Is UofT Right for You?

Knowing about the campus, acceptance rate, and tuition costs will help you to determine whether the University of Toronto should be on your list of schools to apply to. 

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