Waterloo Residences

Waterloo Residences offer a number of different housing options for students attending the University of Waterloo. There are many different types of rooms available, from traditional dormitory-style rooms to private apartments.

Waterloo Residences also offer a variety of meal plan options, so that students can choose the type of food that best suits their needs. In addition, Waterloo Residences provide a number of amenities and services, such as laundry facilities, study lounges, and fitness centers. All of these features make Waterloo Residences an ideal choice for students who are looking for convenient, comfortable, and affordable housing.

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Waterloo Residences

Waterloo Residences offers a variety of different housing options to meet the needs of all students.

There are four main types of residences:

  • traditional
  • townhouse
  • apartment
  • suite-style

Traditional residences are the most common type of on-campus housing; they typically consist of double or single rooms with shared bathrooms and common areas. Townhouses are similar to traditional residences, but they usually have more bedrooms and bathrooms in each house. Apartments are available for upper-year students and typically have a shared kitchen, living room, and one or two bedrooms. Suite-style residences are similar to apartments but often have private bathrooms and more than one bedroom.

For more information on all the Waterloo Residences, you can visit this webpage!

The Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo also offer residence options. To learn more about residence at the University Colleges on campus please visit the St. Jerome’s University CollegeRenison University CollegeSt. Paul’s University College and Conrad Grebel University College websites.

Graduate Students

The University of Waterloo offers several housing options for graduate students as well! Columbia Lake Village North (CLV-North) is a townhouse community of graduate students and those with families. These double-bedroom, three-floor townhouses come furnished for grads and unfurnished for families. CLV-North consists of 167 furnished units for grads and 82 unfurnished townhouses for families. Each townhouse is complete with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 shared bathrooms and a laundry room.

For students who want more independence, the university also offers off-campus housing listings, which provide information about nearby apartments and houses. In addition, the university has partnerships with several local landlords, who offer discounted rates to Waterloo students. Regardless of your housing needs, the University of Waterloo has a solution to meet them.

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