Waterloo Libraries: Overview

Waterloo Libraries provides research and teaching support to the University of Waterloo community through its five libraries. In addition to traditional printed resources, Waterloo Libraries offers access to a wide range of digital resources, including over 100,000 electronic journals and databases. Waterloo Libraries also provides various services to support student success, such as research consultations, workshops on using library resources, and course-related instruction sessions. Whether you are looking for help with your research or just somewhere to study, Waterloo Libraries is here to help you succeed.

What Do Waterloo Libraries have to offer?

The University of Waterloo Library is one of Canada’s most comprehensive research libraries. With more than one million books, periodicals, and other materials, it is an invaluable resource for students, faculty, and staff. The library also offers a wide range of services, including reference and Research Helpdesks, interlibrary loans, and document delivery. In addition, the library provides access to a number of online resources, including electronic journals, databases, and e-books. Whether you are looking for a quiet study space or expert research assistance, the Waterloo Library has something to offer.

What Waterloo Library Branches Exist?

The University of Waterloo has seven library branches that serve the student body and staff. The Dana Porter Arts Library is the largest of the seven and houses over 350,000 items, including books, magazines, journals, and DVDs. It also has a wide range of digital resources that can be accessed online. The next largest library is the Davis Centre Library, which specializes in science and technology resources. It has over 250,000 items in its collection, as well as a variety of study spaces and meeting rooms. The other libraries include the Davis Centre Library, Musagetes Architecture Library, and many affiliated libraries. Each branch has its own hours of operation and services, so it’s important to check before you visit. With such a wide range of resources available, the University of Waterloo Libraries will surely have something for everyone.

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