UVIC Admission Average: Overview

UVic has an excellent reputation as a leading research university, and students come from all over the world to study here. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, UVic offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a smaller campus feel. UVic students have access to extensive opportunities for research and experiential learning; whether you’re looking for an excellent education or a vibrant community, UVic is an excellent choice.

Think you got what it takes to apply to one of Canada’s top universities? Continue reading to learn more about the UVic admission average!

UVIC Admission Average

UVic’s admissions process is based on your high school academic performance. UVic will consider your entire academic record when making an admission decision, not just your grade 12 marks. The UVIC Admission Average is calculated using your top four academic Grade 12 courses, including any AP/IB/dual credit courses. UVic does not use a percentage cut-off for admission as admission varies depending on the program you apply to; admission averages can range anywhere from 70% to 89% depending on the program.

However, we suggest you aim for an average above 85% – 90% in order to have a more competitive average at UVic.

To be considered for admission to UVic, you must also remember to submit your transcripts and any other required documents or supplemental materials. For more information on the UVic Admissions process, read our blog about it here, or visit UVic’s website.

What Programs at UVic Have the Highest Admission Averages?

The University of Victoria offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, each with its own unique admission requirements. While some programs are more competitive than others, all students are encouraged to apply to the program of their choice.

For applicants who are interested in programs with high admission averages, the following programs may be of interest: 

The Faculty of Engineering has an average admission rate of 89%. Programs in the Faculty of Science have an average admission rate of 87%, while those in the Faculty of Humanities have an average admission rate of 85%. Graduate programs at UVic have an overall average admission rate of 80%.

These figures reflect the competitiveness of these programs and the high standards set by the university. All applicants are encouraged to research the requirements of their program of interest and to consult with the admissions staff if they have any questions. With careful planning and a strong academic record, any student can be successful in their application to UVic!

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