UVIC Marine Sciences: Overview

Written By Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

A degree in Biology at UVic provides a unique opportunity to specialize in Marine Sciences—the ocean is everywhere at UVic, and if it’s your passion, this department is the place for you!

Are you in love with everything in the deep blue sea? Do you want to make a career out of your love for Marine life? Keep reading and we will show you how the UVic Marine Sciences program can help you achieve your dream career!

Why Choose University of Victoria Marine Sciences?

First off, the UVic campus is located within walking distance or a short drive of beaches and rocky shores of southern Vancouver Island— a massive epicentre of Marine life!

Degree Information:

  • Obtain a Bachelor of Science (BSc)
    • In this degree, you can explore life at all levels of biological organization, from the gene to the ecosystem.
    • Understand the key fields of biology, then you have the option to specialize in Marine Biology in later years.
    • Develop practical skills through fieldwork, laboratory work and research projects!

Undergraduate Marine Sciences Course Examples:

Below is a list of courses, offered on UVic’s campus, that have a significant marine sciences component!

Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

Several UVic and Bamfield courses include linked laboratory and field components that provide students with hands-on experience. Directed Studies courses and Honours thesis programmes also provide students with the opportunity to get research experience under the direction of UVic professors (listed below).

  • These research possibilities are especially beneficial to those interested in pursuing graduate studies!

Adjunct teachers are situated at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Institute of Ocean Sciences is 30 minutes from campus in Patricia Bay, and the Pacific Biological Station is 90 minutes north in Nanaimo, offering undergraduates with collaborative research possibilities!

Admission Information

For admission into Marine Sciences, you will need to apply to the Faculty of Science as a high school student or a transfer student from another post-secondary institution.

You can declare the Marine Sciences program as your major after one or more years of full-time study!

Admission requirements:

Grade 11 courses

  • Approved English 11
  • Pre‑calculus 11
  • Chemistry 11
  • Physics 11
  • Approved social studies 11/12

Grade 12 courses

  • English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12 (minimum 67%)
  • Pre‑calculus 12 (minimum 67%)
  • Two approved science 12 courses
    • See all approved courses here!
    • Provincial examinations: Students must have written provincial examinations in any subjects where it was mandatory in order to meet BC Graduate Program requirements.

PROTIP: The admission process can be confusing for entering students! Want to know more about how University Admissions work? Check out our blog about it here!

Recommended admission average:

  • 82-85% overall

Admission averages are calculated using all required Grade 12 courses for entry to a program. However, the actual admission average cutoff and individual subject grade requirements change on an annual basis.

NOTE: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission! We encourage students to aim for an average in the 90s for a competitive entrance average.

Tuition & Scholarships

Below is a chart with the estimated amount of tuition costs for a Domestic student interested in Marine Sciences:

Does this tuition seem daunting to you? Don’t fret! UVic offers automatic one-time scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 and renewable scholarships of up to $26,000 payable over four years, to academically outstanding students who have applied for admission.

How to Apply for UVic Marine Sciences

Convinced that applying to UVic for Marine Sciences is the right journey for you? Read our blog about **How to Apply to UVic** for a step-by-step guide on how to apply!

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