University of Calgary Acceptance Rate

The University of Calgary has long been renowned for its rigorous academic standards and high achievement rate among its students. In fact, the University boasts an acceptance rate of just under 59%, making it one of the most difficult universities in Canada to gain admittance to. While there is certainly no guarantee, the University of Calgary applicants with top grades and a commitment to scholarship are likely to have a competitive edge when applying. Those accepted into the University are sure to benefit from an exceptional learning environment and a wealth of resources designed to help them achieve success.

Admission Requirements for the University of Calgary

Increasing your odds of admission to the University of Calgary doesn’t have to be a daunting process. A few simple steps taken ahead of time can help you make a strong application and give you a better chance of being accepted. First, make sure to read all important information on the admissions webpage. Secondly, since UCalgary uses holistic admission assessments when considering applicants, show off extracurricular accomplishments that demonstrate passion and commitment outside of school. Finally, meet or exceed the minimum academic requirements; in most cases, this means having at least 70% final grade average or equivalent in 5 approved academic subjects. Taking these steps earlier will help strengthen your admission application which might just give you that competitive edge for acceptance into the University of Calgary!

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Why Choose the University of Calgary?

The University of Calgary is an ideal choice for students seeking a comprehensive, innovative education. It offers some of the most dynamic and multidisciplinary courses in multiple fields like business, engineering, medicine and arts to name a few. The knowledgeable faculty comes from around the world, providing a unique blend of expertise across all academic levels. In addition, UCalgary has world-class research facilities with real-world applications, making it an excellent educational experience that equips learners with specialized skills for future career prospects. UCalgary also has a gorgeous campus full of vibrant green spaces and easy access to urban amenities, which helps promote student well-being. All these cater to a fulfilling academic journey at Canada’s premier universities!

How to Get into the University of Calgary?

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