University of Alberta Education: Overview

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

The University of Alberta provides stellar programs and establishes a learning environment to meet the needs of all their prospective students interested in the subject that makes the world go round— education! The University of Alberta meets the demands of a diverse and fulfilling education program, having one of the largest faculties of education in all of Canada!

Do you have your eye on the Education program at UAlberta, and want to know more about it? Well, we’ve come to educate you on this great Education program! Keep on reading to discover more!

Why Choose UAlberta Education?

When you join the Faculty of Education at UAlberta, you’ll be joining one of the world’s best education faculties, rated 61st out of more than 800 in the 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject.

  • UAlberta is honoured to be Canada’s First Faculty of Education, having been founded in 1942.
    • If you want to learn more about the history of the Faculty of Education, you can read the Our History (PDF)!With four teaching departments and one school, they are now one of the country’s major education faculties, with Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Educational Policy Studies, Educational Psychology, and the School of Library and Information Studies.
    • Your credentials will be recognized internationally if you earn a degree from this faculty! They have incredible programs within the faculty; explore these links to find out more about the undergraduate programs!
  • Awarded in Excellence in Teaching and Research Award-winning teachers, globally known researchers, educational innovators, and community leaders all call UAlberta home. Indigenous peoples education, educational measurement, curriculum and pedagogy, policy development, educational administration and leadership, information ethics, early childhood education, and the appropriate integration of technology with scholarship and teaching are just some of the areas where education faculty members make groundbreaking contributions and provide both national and global leadership.
    • You can visit the Research section to learn more about the real-life impact of the educational research being done by UAlberta faculty members and students!

What Programs Are Offered at UAlberta Education?

There are 5 different undergraduate programs to choose from!

  1. Four-Year Elementary Program

The Bachelor of Education Primary degree is a generalist curriculum that equips candidates to teach kindergarten through Grade 6 elementary school courses. They assist in the teaching of fundamental ideas as well as the social education of young students. The lecturers are committed to assisting our students in becoming the kind of homeroom teachers that children will remember for the rest of their lives.

2. Four-Year Secondary Program

Do you have a thing for chemical bonds? Can’t seem to get enough of Shakespeare’s works? The Secondary Education programme trains prospective teachers to instil in pupils a love of inquiry, discovery and learning. Choose from over 1000 major/minor combinations to choose a major and minor focus in subjects that interest you!

3. Five-Year Combined Degrees Program

Students can spend the first two or three years of their undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Native Studies, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, Faculty of Science, or on the Augustana campus with the combined degree programmes. The remainder of the years are spent studying at the Faculty of Education. In five years, you can earn two bachelor’s degrees!

Students interested in pursuing a combined degree must first apply to the partner faculty. Inquiries about admissions should be directed to the partner faculty.

4. Off-Campus Collaborative Programs in Red Deer, Grande Prairie, and Fort McMurray

Are you unsure if you want to migrate to Edmonton? UAlberta has  got you covered.

The off-campus collaborative programmes allow you to earn a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta and become eligible for teacher certification in Alberta while remaining in your community!

One of the collaborative programmes is suitable for students who want to learn in a smaller group setting. You can enrol in Red Deer College’s Middle Years Program, Grande Prairie Regional College’s Elementary Teacher Education North Program, or Keyano College’s Collaborative Elementary Education Program in Fort McMurray.

Students can study in a focus area that is not accessible on the main UAlberta campus through our joint programmes. Students attend the programme after completing 60 credits of transferable course credit at another post-secondary school or as a post-graduate applicant. Collaborative students get a University of Alberta degree despite studying at one of three distinct institutions in Alberta. Students with collaborative degrees are eligible to teach in Alberta.

5. Aboriginal Teacher Education Program

The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) is a Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.Ed.) programme offered by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education. The initiative aims to increase awareness of Aboriginal culture and views on teaching and learning in all schools, but particularly in those that serve Aboriginal students.

The goal is to improve Aboriginal children’s educational experiences by increasing the number of Aboriginal teachers, as well as teachers who choose to study in the ATEP programme, who have a thorough understanding of Aboriginal world views, knowledge systems, histories, educational experiences, and ways of knowing and being.

Admission Requirements

Enrolment management is in effect for all undergraduate degree programmes in the Faculty of Education because there are more applications than available seats. Each year, an overall objective for the Faculty is defined under enrolment management.

The number of new students accepted to each programme or year of a programme varies based on the number of available spots and the promotion, departure, or graduation of current students.

While high school candidates must have a minimum entrance average of 70% and postsecondary students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, all admissions are tough, and actual acceptance averages may be higher than the minimum.

  • To learn more about the application process for the Education faculty, check out this webpage!
About Us | Faculty of Education

Tuition and Scholarships

The estimated tuition for Canadian students who attend an Education program at UAlberta is about $16,612.62 (for four years).

This can seem like a daunting cost, however, take comfort in knowing that The University of Alberta gives nearly $34 million in undergraduate scholarships, prizes, and financial support to all types of students each year; whether they are academic achievers, community leaders, or well-rounded students!

To learn more about the scholarships, bursaries, and awards available to you at UAlberta, make sure you check out this [webpage](!

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