Why $70,000 TD Scholarship winners start their scholarship process in Grade 11

If you’ve ever wanted to go behind the scenes and learn exactly how TD scholarship winners earn a $70,000 full-ride scholarship, this blog is for you!

The biggest key to their success? They start early. 

Beginning in Grade 10 and 11, TD Scholarship winners are starting initiatives that they can write about on their TD Scholarship application. These students aren’t just doing it for the scholarship either, though that’s definitely a bonus. These initiatives are ones that they are passionate about, and that make an impact in their community. It’s no coincidence that these students who genuinely want to make a difference in their community also win a scholarship—it is called the TD Community Leadership Scholarship, after all.

Look at this excerpt from a winning TD Scholarship application:

“In Grade eleven, I created a program that teaches youth to take an active role in combating climate change and helps them build habits to lead sustainable lives. I developed a video proposal of my idea that won a $1000 grant allowing me to pilot my project in a local elementary school.”

This applicant goes on to conclude their application by saying:

“As a result of my passion for advocating for issues that threaten our society, I have been able to lead initiatives that further develop my community. I feel great fulfillment when I make lasting impacts that ignite positive social change for the next generation of young Canadian leaders.”

Do you notice how she would never be able to write this application if she hadn’t been involved since Grade 11? This student actually started some of her initiatives in Grade 9!

Do you also notice how this application is written? The truth is that writing like this does not happen overnight. This takes working on the skill of a writing style we call the “Scholarship Writing Style”.

The Scholarship Writing Style is clear, compelling, and professional. It also requires students to be self-reflective, open, and authentic. 

This writing style is developed through a cycle of writing essays and getting feedback. 

Students in Grade 11 English class learn to write essays. However, they’re usually academic in nature and don’t include the self-reflection and authenticity that the Scholarship Writing Style requires. 

So do you see why TD Scholarship winners start their scholarship process in Grade 11?

If you start in Grade 12, it’s simply too late. You can’t start writing your application on October 25th and then perfect the Scholarship Writing Style by November 15th. You can’t throw together a weekend bake sale at the last minute on November 12th, say that it’s making a community impact, and then submit your essay on November 15th. It just doesn’t work that way.

Either because they’re lucky or smart, TD Scholarship winners begin their process in Grade 11. And if you’re considering what life would be like with a full-ride $70,000 scholarship, then you might consider starting now too!

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