SFU Health Sciences: Overview

Written By Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

Ranked among the top 12 universities in Canada, Simon Fraser University is a dream school for many! SFU’s health sciences and physiology programs give it a strong reputation among BC universities. Want to learn more about the opportunities that await you at SFU Health Sciences? Keep reading to find out!

Why Choose SFU Health Sciences?

SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences has a great reputation for conducting world-class innovative research and provides some of Canada’s most comprehensive and integrated programmes.

An undergraduate degree in health sciences from SFU will allow you to investigate health and disease issues and prepare you for a career in sectors including health policy, health communication and promotion, research, epidemiology, or professional healthcare.

Learn in a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary environment that is transforming health research.

Experts from the humanities, social sciences and biological sciences come together in SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences. We collaborate and develop innovative answers to old and new concerns with a reputation for leading scholarship in social justice, Indigenous health, HIV research, mental health and addiction, policy research, and harm reduction.

Program Highlights

The Faculty of Health Sciences is dedicated to using an interdisciplinary “cell to society” approach to solve human health problems. The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences are two distinct undergraduate degrees that combine multidisciplinary methods to the study of health, illness, and disease.

Both of these programmes provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of health sciences as well as multidisciplinary collaboration. Students choose their degree programme based on their interest in investigating these issues in social science (BA), quantitative (BSc, PH&D), or biological science (BSc, LS). Students graduate from the programme as experts in their fields, as well as being able to collaborate with professionals trained in other fields.

Environmental impacts on global health, how health policy is developed, health ethics, and social determinants of health will all be studied by undergraduates in each programme. The BSc degree also provides students with laboratory abilities, which are comparable to those learned in a basic biological science curriculum.

Both programmes provide international exchange possibilities, as well as a collaboration with Langara College that allows students to complete the first two years of their degree at Langara before transferring to SFU.

Students admitted into a programme can also pursue an Honours Degree (BA and BSc) or a Minor in Health Sciences.

Both programs cover a wide range of health sciences topics including:

  • Chronic and Infectious Diseases
  • Global Health
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Population and Public Health
  • Social and Health Policy Sciences
  • Social Inequities and Health
  • Health Care Systems
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Admission Requirements

Below are the general requirements needed to get into Health Sciences at SFU.

A comprehensive list of all approved Grade 11 and 12 academic courses can be found here. Admission is based on an evaluation of all approved Grade 11 and 12 courses, with greater emphasis on the List A courses.

For more information on Health Science admissions, visit this webpage!

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SFU Tuition and Scholarships

The application to SFU is only the first step. You’ll want to check out SFU’s tuition and scholarship options! SFU’s average tuition is $2,770 per year, which is on the low end of the scale. SFU offers several scholarships to aid with the costs!

Many of the awards are academic in nature, so you’re in luck if you have good grades. Other awards honour achievement in areas such as community service or athletic achievement. Bursaries for financial hardship may also be available.

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