SFU Financial Aid

The cost of attending university can be a big financial burden for many students and their families. However, there are many ways to offset the cost of tuition, books, and other expenses. Financial aid comes in many forms, including grants, loans, and scholarships. The SFU Financial Aid Services team is here to help you navigate the process and find the best way to finance your education! Read more to learn about the financial aid opportunities available to you at SFU.

Financial-Need Based Assitance at SFU

At Simon Fraser University, they understand that financial needs can be a barrier to accessing post-secondary education. That’s why they offer a range of financial-need-based assistance programs to help students succeed. They offer need-based scholarships, bursaries and emergency loans to help with the cost of tuition, books and living expenses. They also have a food bank on campus, as well as a discount bus pass program for low-income students.

If you’re experiencing financial need, they encourage you to apply for financial assistance programs. One of the most common programs is the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). OSAP is a government-sponsored program that provides financial assistance to eligible students. If you’re planning on attending college or university in Ontario, you may be eligible for OSAP funding!

To learn more about OSAP and other financial aid options, visit the SFU website or contact the SFU financial aid office.

SFU Admission Awards

Simon Fraser University is committed to offering academic excellence and making education accessible to qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances. The SFU Admission Awards are a key part of this commitment, providing financial assistance to eligible students who have been accepted into an undergraduate program at the university. There are two types of admission awards available:

Entrance Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, while Bursaries are need-based awards that are intended to help cover the costs of tuition and other educational expenses. Both types of awards are highly competitive, and only a limited number of students will be selected for each. However, all eligible students are encouraged to apply, as the SFU Major Entrance Awards can make a significant difference in making a university education possible. To learn more about the SFU awards available, visit this website!

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