SFU Biomedical Physiology Courses: Overview

SFU Biomedical Physiology is a diverse and comprehensive program that offers a variety of courses to students. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers in the field of health care. The courses offered by SFU Biomedical Physiology are divided into four main categories: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and toxicology. Each of these categories provides students with the opportunity to learn about the human body and how it works. In addition, the program offers courses on research methods, advocacy, and community outreach. As a result, SFU Biomedical Physiology allows students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals.

SFU Biomedical Physiology Courses

Students complete all of

  • BISC 101-4 General Biology
  • CHEM 121-4 General Chemistry and Laboratory I
  • BPK 142-3 Introduction to Kinesiology

and one of

  • MATH 150-4 Calculus I with Review
  • MATH 151-3 Calculus I
  • MATH 154-3 Calculus I for the Biological Sciences

and one of

  • PHYS 101-3 Physics for the Life Sciences I
  • PHYS 120-3 Mechanics and Modern Physics
  • PHYS 125-3 Mechanics and Special Relativity
  • PHYS 140-4 Studio Physics – Mechanics and Modern Physics

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