The Scholarship Opportunity Window

Imagine that from age 17-22 there was a pool of money available to you. Let’s say that that pool is $2 million. 

But every year, that pool gets smaller. So let’s say that when you turn 18, that pool shrinks by $500,000. Then when you turn 19, it shrinks by another $500,000. And so on… Eventually, you turn 22, and that pool of money is gone. Forever vanished. 

To get access to this pool of money, you need to do some things in your community and be active in your life. And you’ve gotta go to school.

Then you need to write about what you do, and send it to a group of the people in charge of the pool of money. They read it over, and if they like what you did and how you wrote about it, they send you some money from the pool!

But if you wait, the pool dries up.

And if you don’t do stuff, the pool dries up.

And if you don’t write, the pool dries up.

If you came across this pool of money and understood that there was an opportunity window to get access to it, wouldn’t you take it?

Well, this “Pool of Money” that I’m describing is your “Scholarship Opportunity Window.”

Some people recognize it. So they start preparing themselves to access the pool of money before they even turn 17. 

Some come across the pool of money mid-Scholarship Opportunity Window when they’re 19 or 20—and then they start applying right away.

 And some look at the pool of money and say, “No thanks, I’ll do it the hard way.” 

The pool of money for most students is between $1 million and $4 million. The time to access it is ages 16-22 when you’re in school. Some people choose to access this pool. Others might think it’s a mirage. But our experience working students shows that students who want access to the pool and take advantage of their Scholarship Opportunity Window, usually get access to it.

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