Queen’s Mechanical Engineering: Overview

Queen’s Faculty of Engineering has been offering the greatest engineering education in Canada for over a century! With top-quality, and technically intensive engineering programs, they train students for engagement in a global community. With 4600 high-calibre undergraduate students from around Canada and the world, Queen’s Engineering is a vibrant community.

The mechanical engineering curriculum at Queen’s provides a strong foundation in solid mechanics and dynamics, materials engineering, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer. Machine design, production procedures, and instrumentation and control are among some of the courses that build on this basis!

Do you want to learn more about Queen’s Mechanical Engineering? If that’s the case, keep reading and we’ll show you the details!

What You Should Know About Queen’s Mechanical Engineering

Queen’s mechanical engineers can be found working in analysis, construction, consulting, design, development, maintenance, management, manufacturing, marketing, research and sales. The mechanical engineer’s knowledge and skills are needed in a remarkable range of industries: automotive and aerospace, energy and environmental, communication, materials and manufacturing, food and chemical processing, medical and bio-mechanical, resource industries, transportation, and others.

In the program, technical electives are available in the upper-year curriculum, which introduces students to a variety of applications and expertise. Queen’s provides such a diverse choice of technical electives so that students can get a taste of a variety of professions while at MME and then determine which field they want to pursue after graduation. Students may choose to continue their education in graduate school to pursue a specialty.

The curriculum strikes a careful balance between lecture and laboratory instruction, as well as project-based learning in a collaborative setting!

Beginning with a unique course in machine shop practice and continuing with industrially supported final-year design projects, there is a strong emphasis on hands-on learning throughout the program. Students are invited to engage in national design competitions such as the solar design team, Formula racing car, Mini Baja all-terrain vehicle, and Aero design freight aircraft, among others, to enrich their educational experience.

Program Highlights

Mechanical Engineering students have the opportunity to take a wide range of technical courses to help prepare them for the many possible career destinations available.

These courses include: • Biomechanical Product Development • Computer-Aided Design • Bio-Materials • Mechatronics Engineering • Airplane Aerodynamics • Musculoskeletal Biomechanics • Nano-Structured Materials

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General Academic Requirements

The following are the general academic requirements for acceptance into Queen’s University:

  • A Secondary School Diploma, and six 4U/4M courses.
  • Students must have a minimum of ENG4U and five additional 4U/M courses, except where stated otherwise.
  • Students in francophone schools may offer EAE4U or FRA4U in place of ENG4U.

Engineering Program Requirements

There are four Engineering Programs offered at Queen’s, and each requires specific requirements! You can learn more about the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science here!

Students can apply to Queen’s Engineering (QE) through the OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) website.

The secondary school prerequisites for Engineering include five 4U and 4M courses (one of which must be English 4U):

  • Calculus and Vectors 4U, Advanced Functions 4U, Chemistry 4U, and Physics 4U are all required.

A final competitive minimum grade of 80% must be obtained in all courses, and note that applicants outside of Ontario may have additional requirements!

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