Queen’s Deadlines and Early Admissions – Parent Edition

Queen’s University is one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities in Kingston, Ontario. With a long tradition of academic excellence, Queen’s offers a competitive and comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs to more than 24,000 students from across Canada and 100 countries. The University is consistently ranked among the top universities in Canada. Queen’s offers an early admissions program for students looking to get a head start on their post-secondary education. High school students can receive conditional admission to Queen’s through this program based on their grades and other factors.

Queen’s Application Process & Admission Requirements

Queen’s is a highly competitive university, and the important dates for admission can be quite daunting to keep track of. As a parent, Keeping Queen’s admissions dates and application deadlines in mind can be overwhelming. Fortunately, GrantMe has built-in reminders for each deadline, you can expect your child to stay on track and not miss a deadline. In addition, it is highly recommended that your child start the admissions process early to give them ample time to write and perfect their supplemental essays and collect all the admission requirements and other required documents to meet the application deadline.

October 1st

  • Students can begin applying to Queen’s through Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).

November 1st

  • The Supplementary Essay (for those applicants who are required to submit one) will open.

November 20th

Feb 1st

February 15

  • Deadline to submit supplementary information.
  • February 15 is the recommended last day to submit current high school transcript.

April 30

  • Deadline to submit the Equity Admission Self-Identification form.

May 1st

  • Deadline for response to offers of admission for students not attending high schools in Ontario.

May 20th

  • All admission decisions are complete by Queen’s and posted on SOLUS.

June 1st

  • Deadline for response to offers of admission for students attending an Ontario high school. This is also the deadline for all students receiving an offer after May 1.

Queen’s Early Admissions Advantages

Queen’s early application process for high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Applying early provides a number of benefits for both students and their families. First, it allows your child to receive an early offer of admission to Queen’s. This can provide peace of mind and allow them to focus on their studies and enjoy their final year of post-secondary, knowing that they have a guaranteed spot at a top Canadian university. Second, the Early Admission program may also allow your child to qualify and be eligible for Queen’s major admission award. This can help to reduce the overall cost of attendance and make it more affordable for families. Finally, applying early can be beneficial for applicants with strong grade 11 grades because Queen’s will look at first-semester grade 12 courses to determine your eligibility. Queen’s application process works on a rolling basis, meaning if your child was not accepted in the first round, they will be reevaluated in the next round. Hence, applying early gives them more chances to be accepted into Queen’s. For all these reasons, considering Queen’s early admissions is an excellent option for high-achieving students seeking a world-class education.

What Should Queen’s Parents Know?

Both in terms of academics and campus life. The school has a strong sense of community, and there are always things to do on campus. Additionally, the university is located in a close-knit Kingston, Ontario community, so students have easy access to all the city has to offer. Queen’s is a great choice for parents who want their children to receive a quality education and enjoy a beautiful campus.

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