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GrantMe helps students in Grade 9-12 get into their top choice school with an 70% acceptance rate, win entrance scholarships, and save over 300 hours in university preparation throughout high school. 

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Not sure if you can prepare for university before Grade 12?

Students who prepare for university before in Grades 9-11 are 3x as likely to get into their top choice school.

Save Time With Structured Workshops That Answer All Your Questions

Get university ready by attending one of GrantMe’s Weekly Workshops to see what other top students across Canada are up to. For extra support, a Student Account Manager will work with you one-on-one to find out which schools and programs are the right fit for you. After that, we will develop a unique profile and pathway that will support you in getting into your top 3 dream schools.

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Get Your University Applications Edited In Less Than 24 Hours

With GrantMe, you’ll learn how to write a powerful essay that differentiates you from other applicants. Our Student Support Application Specialists will review & edit your application with a 24-hour turnaround time until it’s ready to go.

With 10 essay edits/month, no more wondering if your essay is “good enough”. Apply with confidence.

Improve Your Application By Learning From Real Acceptance Essays

With GrantMe, students have been admitted to Canada’s top universities and have won entrance awards from each of these schools. Don’t spend hours starting from scratch. The essays from our top applicants are available for you to reference as a starting point for your own application.

Learn from the best for a brighter future.

Prepare for Your University Career By Learning From Top University Students

 Wondering how the top students of Canada manage their time? Budget their finances? Land their dream internships? Our GrantMe Mentors run weekly workshops for you to connect with them and learn their keys to post-secondary success.

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Apply for the GrantMe Program today and join the thousands of students who have begun their university preparation journey with us.