McMaster Student Population

McMaster University is an internationally respected institution of higher learning, with a strong commitment to academic excellence. Additionally, the campus is absolutely beautiful, set amidst gorgeous Hamilton, Ontario. The student body at McMaster is incredibly diverse, making for a dynamic and enriching student experience. Whether you’re looking for rigorous academics, a stunning setting, or a multicultural community, McMaster University is sure to please! Keep reading to learn more about the McMaster Student Population.

Undergraduate Student Population at McMaster

McMaster is home to 31,532 undergraduates and it is growing each year. The student body is largely made up of Canadians. Full-time students make up about 93.8% of the student body. Among full-time students, the university has a first-time student retention rate of 90.9%. The vast majority of students are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science, which offers programs in humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and engineering. The Faculty of Business is also popular among undergraduates, as it offers programs that lead to careers in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Where Do McMaster Students Come From?

McMaster University’s undergraduate student population is highly diverse, with students coming from all over Canada and the world. The university is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all students, and it offers a wide range of support services to help students succeed. In the 2020/2021 academic year, 15.75% of all McMaster students were international students, from 120 countries including Egypt, China, Japan, and many more!

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