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Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

The School of Nursing is known across the world for its nursing education innovation. They keep building on their exceptional reputation for establishing and expanding nursing education competence across the world while also providing high-quality, relevant, and student-centred education programs in Canada.

Interested in what McMaster Nursing has to offer? Continue reading to find out more about this exceptional program!

Why Choose McMaster Nursing?

The Nursing program at McMaster is ranked 3rd in Canada, and 15th globally! (QS World University Rankings 2021).

The school’s Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programmes enrol over 1,900 students each year. Their success is due to strong collaborations with McMaster’s partners— including Mohawk College and Conestoga College— that collaborate to deliver an innovative BScN programme.

They teach in hospitals and local community health settings, which provides much-needed clinical training environments for McMaster students; and also government and non-profit organizations, which fund groundbreaking, impactful research.

McMaster graduates are improving the health outcomes of patients and their families, developing policies and programmes that transform communities, and generating and translating knowledge that informs nursing education, leadership, and practice!

They are mentored by McMaster faculty members who are experts in the nursing field.

At McMaster Nursing, they are also dedicated to creating a welcoming and courteous workplace for everybody. This entails providing a culturally safe environment for our numerous Indigenous students, as well as better incorporating Indigenous knowledge and teachings into their educational and research programmes!

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The Stand-Out Streams at McMaster Nursing

The McMaster University Baccalaureate Nursing Programs (Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program: Basic, Accelerated and Post Diploma RPN Stream) are each stand-out streams that are approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario (

Graduates from these programs are eligible to apply for registration to be a Registered Nurse in Ontario!

There are 3 ways to get your degree in Nursing at McMaster:

1. Basic Stream

The Basic (A) Stream is a four-year integrated nursing program for individuals who have not previously completed any nursing education. This programme is available at McMaster, Mohawk, and Conestoga sites.

  • Interested in this stream? READ MORE about the admission requirements here!

2. Accelerated Stream

The Accelerated (F) Stream is meant for students who have completed a university science degree. It consists of five consecutive semesters of study. This programme is available at McMaster University.

  • Want more details about this stream? READ MORE about the admission requirements here!

3. Post-RPN Stream

Students who have acquired a Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) credential can enrol in the Post RPN (E) Stream, which is a three-year integrated programme of study. This stream is available at both the Mohawk and Conestoga locations.

  • Want more info about this stream? READ MORE about the admission requirements here!

CASPER Assessment

As part of the selection process, all candidates to McMaster University’s Nursing Program will be asked to take an obligatory online 90-minute computer-based assessment called CASPer. The GPA is given an 80 percent weighting throughout the selection process, while the CASPer is given a 20 percent weighting.

CASPER stands for Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics. It is a web-based standardized intelligence exam that assesses important personal and professional characteristics that students need to succeed in nursing school and as practising nurses. Professionalism, empathy, compassion, and cultural awareness are just a few of these traits. Studying is not necessary for CASPer because it examines non-cognitive and interpersonal traits.

If you want to explore details of the requirements and the structure of this assessment, you can check out!

McMaster Nursing Tuition & Fees

Fees include your share of the tuition cost, registration, library, diplomas, campus health services, student groups, and athletics if you are a full-time student. Tuition costs are made up of a base per unit charge as well as non-tuition-related additional expenses that must be paid.

Tuition and fees for students will vary depending on which stream or site they are going to! Use the cost estimator tools below to calculate the fees for full-time Nursing students!

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: Your uniform and nursing accessories are ordered under the direction of the School of Nursing. The approximate cost is $35!

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