Is GrantMe Legit?

If you’re reading this, you might be concerned about GrantMe’s legitimacy.

Many students come across our programs and services online and think it’s too good to be true. With the fulfillment of your post-secondary dreams on the line, we get the concern.

A few reasons people think we’re “not legit” include:

  • We’re an online company
  • You can do all the research yourself
  • We do not advertise our pricing upfront
  • We don’t have a “hard” product

Allow us to address these concerns from our perspective. We think that our customers and potential customers are smart and capable of coming to their own conclusions. Not everyone will agree with what we have to say, and that’s the beauty of our world—you’re absolutely free to disagree and not use GrantMe as a service or product. And if you find what we offer compelling, you’re also welcome to trade dollars for access to our services and products.

First, we are an online company. However, we do have a physical office at Cube Creative, Vancouver.

We have a physical team that works in the office supporting students Monday-Friday.

 You can meet them here.

When we first started, Madison Guy, our founder, went from classroom to classroom and from team to team. She stood in front of auditoriums filled with sororities and fraternities. Madison met with each student in person, and she loved doing this. But she was only able to meet with a few students at a time, and we could only support students in Vancouver, BC.

We started doing our calls and offering our programs, services, and products online and could reach more students. We now have students all across Canada. We’re really proud that a service that used to be confined to the wealthy neighbourhoods of Canada’s major cities is now available to students across Canada, no matter how remote.

We still do physical events, and we’re growing our presentation team across the country—but we’ve found that we can reach and support more students online.

This lack of physical presence can be concerning for some who remember the days of getting emails from a “Prince in Tunisia” asking for $10,000. But the internet, online commerce, and security have come a long way. Online schools are growing, and students find that they meet their needs better than traditional schools in some circumstances due to their flexibility.

Another concern about “is legit?” is that you can do all of the research that we offer you, yourself. And while this is true, that’s also like saying that you can do all your research on how to buy a house or do your taxes yourself. However, instead you pay a realtor and an accountant to assist you in interpreting the rules, saving you time and preventing confusion and mistakes. 

We do our research on Google just like you. But then we take it a step further. First off, it’s our full-time job. Second, we’ve accumulated thousands of hours of research and helped thousands of students through the process. Third, we are in communication and have formed relationships with schools and scholarship committees to learn how our students can best apply. And lastly, because committees know who we are, they contact us to get applicants to their scholarships & schools. What we’ve learned through supporting these students we can share with you to shortcut the amount of time you spend on the scholarship and post-secondary application process.

We can tell you that students who go through the program, get their essays edited by our team, and apply get accepted into the top three schools 70% of the time. Regarding funding, students who get their applications edited & apply to at least 20 high probability scholarships & grants have all received at least $3000 in funding. They often win much more. But that’s the lowest we have ever seen from students who follow our process & complete all grant applications. On average, students who follow this process win over $10,000. We can also tell you that students who come into our program, do not get their essays edited, and do not apply often don’t get into their top schools & win much less—sometimes $0. 

We do recommend that if you intend to join one of our programs and not do any work, you should be upfront with us. We can help adjust your expectations based on the past performance of our students. 

There are many ways to fund the development of a business. We wanted to focus on building a great program and digital experience for students. We thought the best way to do that was to have our customers pay us directly for the services and programs rather than using an ad-supported model. The reason we chose that is that we felt that our incentives were more aligned with the students by charging for our services rather than selling advertising space. 

As we build out a product and program that is the best in the world for students, we intend to make the services more accessible to reach more students. While we charge for our full-length programs, our team has spent hundreds of hours creating free content for students across Canada to use on our blog & YouTube Channel to learn how to get into their top schools & access funding.

And finally, the last concern of students wondering “is legit?”: Am I getting any value in return?

Much like educational consultants who work on an hourly pay model, we offer mentorship, application editing, and coaching. Because we are an online company, we can go beyond that and offer a digital product (our App), an online community, 1-1 Support over Zoom, workshops, and 24-hour email response times from a dedicated email support team. We’ve built a number of learning resources for students to access on their own time, both for free and as part of our programs.

We’re not perfect. Businesses are not perfect. We all know that. But we want to support students in achieving their goals. 

As we said, we believe that people know how to make the best decisions for themselves. Our intention in this article is for you to have all the information so that you can choose for yourself.

If you’ve read this far, we appreciate your consideration. Feel free to email our CEO at if you have any further questions. 

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