How to Get the Best Student Discounts as a University Student

As a student going into university, or currently attending university, paying tuition usually takes up most of your finances. Not only that, but books and supplies take a good chunk out of your bank account too. This is why it’s so important to be aware of all the student discounts that you may be missing. Theres no reason to be paying full price for something you can get for a heavily discounted price, or for free! For a rundown on how to get the best student discounts as a university student, watch our video below!


UNiDAYS is a discount catalogue website that is available to post-secondary students worldwide. The best part? It’s FREE to sign up! UNiDAYS includes categories like fashion, tech (including Apple products!), subscriptions and so much more! It’s available to all students in post-secondary so don’t miss out on the hundreds of discounts that you are entitled to just for being a student!

To start saving:

  1. Sign up to Unidays
  2. Apply your exclusive Unidays Code
  3. Save at checkout!

In addition to scholarship matching and career development, we also provide tips on financial planning! To access features like our monthly Webinars in which we discuss our proven tips to save money, check out our website!

Amazon Prime

Chances are, we’ve all used either Amazon, or Amazon Prime at some point. But, what you may not know is that Prime includes more than just free shipping!

Amazon Prime also includes:

  • Prime Reading
  • Prime Video
  • Amazon Photos
  • Prime Music
  • Prime Gaming
  • Rewards Mastercard

Amazon gives a generous 6-month trial to students. After the free trial, it is still pretty discounted! Annually, it is $39 and monthly it is $3.99. Pretty sweet deal for everything included in your Prime account!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Clouds includes softwares that are perfect for the creative student! Students can save 60% on Creative Cloud purchases. Creative cloud is a subscription service rather than a one-time buy. It includes everything mentioned below and more for as little as $19.99 a month!

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premier Pro
  • DreamWeaver
  • After Effects

Adobe Creative Cloud is especially useful as it is a cloud-based service. This means that you can access your projects from anywhere – super helpful for busy students!

Student Beans

Student Beans is a discount catalogue website like Unidays! They offer discounts for up to 650 well-known brands with categories all across the board (fashion, technology, food, and entertainment etc.) These discounts are provided to students in over 150 countries. And of course, sign up is FREE!

For more tips on financial planning as a student, check out our video on the 60/30/10 rule!

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