How to Get into the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. This public research university has been ranked among the top 3 universities in Canada for several years as well globally among the top 25.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to get accepted to the University of Toronto (acceptance rates, admission requirements, tuition, and more!)

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Program Requirements

The first step to applying to the University of Toronto is to make sure you meet the program requirements. Minimum admission requirements are based on province and require the student to complete specific high school courses. And remember, these are in addition to program-specific requirements!

The minimum required percentage to get into UofT is low to mid 80s for most high school courses, but GrantMe suggests that you aim for the 90s range to secure your spot!

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The OUAC Application

  1. The OUAC is a centralized university application portal for universities in Ontario. After you apply to the University of Toronto through OUAC, they will process and transfer your information to UofT.
  2. About a week after your submit your OUAC application, you will get an email from the University of Toronto that will include:
  • Your JOINid/UTORid
  • University of Toronto applicant number
  • Information about the next steps in the application process.
  1. Complete the Supplementary Application Form (SAF) if you are applying to the following programs:
  • Management
  • Co-op Management
  • Co-op Management & International Business
  • Co-op International Development Studies
  • Double Degree Management & Finance and Statistics—Quantitative Finance Stream
  • Co-op Double Degree Management & Finance and Statistics—Quantitative Finance Stream
  • Paramedicine
  1. Submit your Required Documents
  • If you live in Canada outside of Ontario, you can upload your transcripts and self report your grades through your application portal.
  • For high school students in Ontario, your school will send in your Grade 11 and 12 grades through OUAC.


University of Toronto’s tuitions is $6,590 CAD per year for domestic students. The average cost of housing, which includes a basic meal plan, varies between $8490 and $10640 CAD.

UofT provides scholarships, bursaries, and financial-based awards to prospective students. Bursaries and financial-based awards depend on a prospective student’s financial need. If a student has strong academic achievement, UofT will automatically qualify them for most Division, Faculty, and College scholarships, which includes over 4,400 scholarships!

However, the UofT’s most prestigious scholarship is The National Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a student who exhibits high academic achievement, and exemplary commitment to their community. The National Scholarship covers tuition, incidental and residence fees for up to four years of study.

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Plan your Start

Congrats! You’ve been accepted into the University of Toronto. Now, it’s time to think about your finances, housing arrangements, and transportation. To budget for the first year of university, we recommend the 60/30/10 rule. Check out our video below!

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