How GrantMe Tailors Scholarship Matches To Every Individual Student

Here’s how GrantMe tailors scholarship matches to individual students.

We base everything off of a flywheel. When we first started, we handpicked scholarships for each student. Eventually, our database got larger and larger, so we built our scholarship matching app to store the matches.

We have a number of criteria that can match students to scholarships. Here is an example of one of our students, Jonas:

Based on this matching criteria, here is a short snippet of some of the scholarships that Jonas matched to:

As you can see, one of those scholarships is the Queen’s Chancellor scholarship. And this is a $40,000 award that Jonas actually won!

The biggest problem with typical scholarship databases is that they often match students to scholarships that don’t suit their interests or accomplishments well. These end up wasting students’ time as they write applications for scholarships that they don’t have a good chance of winning. The unique aspect about how GrantMe tailors scholarship matches is that we set up a feedback loop to allow students to press “Not A Match”. We review the reasons, adjust our database, and improve its accuracy.

Another unique aspect of how GrantMe tailors scholarship matches is that we have students submit their own individual scholarships. We review the scholarships, and if they’re a good fit, we synchronize them with our matching criteria. Then other students in subsequent years will have access to them as well. 

This is the whole point of the flywheel and what makes how GrantMe tailors scholarship matches stand out. We started with some great scholarships, and through our feedback loops the database gets larger, and the matching gets smarter. 

Sometimes scholarship matches are tricky. You don’t think you’re a match, but you actually are! Our support team is always here to check in with you to help you find the best scholarships and achieve your post-secondary dreams.

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