GrantMe Reviews: How Mehgan won the $40,000 Ryerson President’s Entrance Award Scholarship

Mehgan, an incoming Ryerson first-year student discusses her passion for film, overcoming challenges, and what she plans to study at Ryerson University. Watch Mehgan’s full interview below for her insight on winning the Ryerson President’s Entrance Award Scholarship

Tell us a little about your winnings! 
” So, I applied to a lot of scholarships. The most important ones that I won were the Ryerson President’s Entrance Awards Scholarships as well as the General Entrance Award that comes along with it, and those are worth $56,000 over 4 years, which I’m ecstatic about!”

Tell us about your writing process for your scholarships, how did that go?
“That’s why I love GrantMe so much. They pushed me from the beginning of the scholarship process in September to write and rewrite how I described my leadership positions. You think you’re describing it but you’re not optimizing it, so you have to really milk every achievement that you made and you have to put in the numbers, the hours, and the effort that you put into those positions. You have to focus less on the general stuff and GrantMe guides you to put down what the scholarship committees actually care about.”

What was your biggest challenge?
“My biggest challenge was honestly getting those e-mails back. You apply to so many that getting constant rejection emails gets quite frustrating and it’s honestly demotivating. So you kind of stop applying to scholarships for a while because you’re just like “Oh, I’ll never win this one”. I went into applying for the Ryerson President’s Entrance Award Scholarship with the same mentality but then I ended up winning. So, just push yourself. You don’t know what you might win!”

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