April 20th, 2023 – GrantMe Newsletter #1

Welcome to the launch of our first newsletter! We’re taking off with the latest and greatest in higher education news, tips and tricks, as well as our most recent offerings. All aboard the GrantMe rocket ship—class is now in session.

Today’s syllabus:

  • He shoots, they soar: Toronto Raptors’ stars release scholarships for students from underserved communities.
  • Spring leading: Set up your extracurriculars for next year’s application cycle.
  • Halloween came early! At GrantMe, you scare math—not the other way around.

 💯 Trending

📫 McGill University’s student newspaper, The Tribunedrops the McGill name following the discovery of the university namesake’s history of slave ownership. Like Toronto Metropolitan University, McGill University could be due for a rebrand that creates a more inclusive environment for students of colour.

📣 Highlights

Phoenix Suns player dribbles basketball. Caption reads, "I'm busy."

Girl almighty: Queen’s University student Rachel Ollivier has been named one of the top 25 most influential women of 2023. Her claim to fame? Co-authoring research for the World Health Organization’s latest maternal health guidelines and preventing maternal deaths in Tanzania and Zambia.

Do you actually know your average? You may want to rethink the question. The University of Waterloo’s engineering program uses an adjustment tool to account for grade inflation. 62 Ontarian schools made it onto the 2022 adjustment factor list. Here’s what that could mean for you.

Seeds of change: Unfazed by the limits of the Ontarian winter, McMaster University’s sustainable living club, Zero Waste McMaster, has been hosting a Grow Your Own Food workshop and diverting 600 lbs of coffee grounds from landfills into compost. We call that a whole latte progress.

BMOving up in the world: BMO has donated $2 million to the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Agriculture and Bioresources. The new funding will be used on research into protecting food ecosystems while maximizing production.

Free throw: Toronto Raptors’ players Fred VanVleet and Chris Boucher have both released scholarships for Black, Indigenous and Caribbean students at the University of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University, respectively. That’s a slam dunk for post-secondary planning!

💎 Free resource

Sylvester the Cat drafting a plan

Starting something new near the middle of the year can feel counter-intuitive, but stepping up in your clubs right now can prepare you for the next scholarship and university application cycle in September.

Engineering manager Adam Griffiths knows a thing or two about acting fast and having a step-by-step plan. Read his guide to jumpstarting the application process here.

His top tip? Start an initiative! It’s never too late to find an issue you’re passionate about, reach out to like-minded friends, classmates and teachers, and approach your school’s admin for approval. Plus, initiator roles are considered to be the most valuable on both scholarship and university applications.

Oh, and don’t forget to record your progress. Journaling your action steps can be a huge time-saver when you’re writing your application essays, but it also helps you look at where you started just in case you need a reason to give yourself a pat on the back.

Ready to roll out? Book a 1-1 call below to learn how to increase your odds of being accepted into university.

Upcoming deadlines

  • Fountainhead Essay Contest (April 27)
  • Anthem Essay Contest (April 27)
  • IWSH Scholarship (April 28)
  • Lift Parts Express Scholarship (April 30)
  • The MoolahSPOT Scholarship (April 30)

💭 Not sure what to apply for? If you’re in a rush, start with MoolahSPOT, which allows you to write about any topic you want (meaning you can reuse a previous essay!). If you’re aiming high, shoot for the Fountainhead Essay Contest, which requires you to read and analyze Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel. Then tell your English teacher about it.

🌎 New in the GrantMe-sphere

Bart Simpson sitting in front of algebra textbooks

With the help of our Honours Program tutor Tiffany and skilled university students like her, we’ve launched a new math tutoring service for students from Grades 8 to 12.

Tutoring sessions are one-on-one, 60-minute-long meetings held via Zoom. To learn more about the program, costs and the ways it can help you boost your grades, book a meeting with us today.

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