GrantMe Faves: Best Podcasts to Listen to

At GrantMe, it’s our job to empower. Whether that is empowering our team, students, or their parents, empowering others to build their future is somewhat of our philosophy. This is not an easy job. It shouldn’t be when you’re on a mission to solve Canada’s student debt crisis.

We asked our team where they find inspiration, and curated a playlist of podcasts that the GrantMe team works, and lives by. For the best podcasts to listen to, check out our youtube video for a summary of the top three picks from the playlist!

99% Invisible

99% invisible is hosted weekly by Roman Mars and has produced over 430 episodes over a decade. I would recommend this for those that are interested in design, architecture, and functionality.

Our favourite episodes include “The Great Indoors” in which they discuss the impact of spending time indoors, “The Jurassic Park Art Redux” in which they discuss the illustrations of dinosaurs, and “Sign Stealing” in which they discuss a baseball phenomena. I’d recommend this podcast if you want to delve into design-focused discussions of topics you haven’t paid much attention to. Even if you’re not a design nerd, this podcast is an interesting GrantMe pick!

For more recommendations on the best podcasts to listen to, check out our playlist!

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Ever wanted to pick the brain of your favourite CEO or entrepreneur?Well, that’s exactly what Guy Raz does with How I Built This with Guy Raz. This podcast is for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset. Raz discusses the stories, triumphs, and losses behind some of the world’s best known companies by interviewing entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our favourite episodes for this series are with Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe, Canva’s Melanie Perkins, and WeWork’s Miguel Mckelvey. Here at GrantMe, we use Canva and are headquartered at WeWork – some things just come full circle! You can also check out Guy Raz’s book “How I Built This”, in which he shares tips for formulating your ideas, recruiting employees, and scaling your company.

Did you know? Madison Guy founded GrantMe in 2017 when she was struggling to pay her tuition. She created GrantMe to tackle Canada’s student debt crisis. To learn more about GrantMe’s story, and what we offer to to empower students, check out our website.


Freakonomics is for the curious-minded. Hosted by Stephen Dubner, he interviews Nobel laureates, scientists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs to get into the underbelly of topics you never thought you’d wanted to know about!

Our favourite episodes include: “How to Make your Own Luck” in which he interviews a poker pro on the importance of luck and skill, “Are you Ready for a Fresh Start?” in which he discusses the psychology of fresh starts such as birthdays and New Years, and “Forget Everything You Know About Your Dog” in which he discusses life from a dog’s point of view.  

You can find these podcast episodes plus many more in our GrantMe playlist!

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