Five Technology Trends That Aim To Change The Education Industry

There’s almost nothing that technology can’t disrupt, from healthcare to marketing and even the education industry. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen some evolution in education technology that has changed the way students learn. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been some of the most relevant technologies.

It’s difficult to predict how education will change over the years, but we can indeed evaluate the landscape and see the most relevant trends shaping its future. Here are some of the most outstanding factors that are changing the education industry.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to disrupt every single industry. In fact, this is the technology that has concerned most of the tech-conspiratory people out there. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to simulate our actions. 

So imagine what computers will be able to do once they fully develop artificial superintelligence. It sounds interesting, right? Well, experts in the education industry have used this technology in their favor.

With AI, teachers can automate evaluation tasks. This is one of the most time-consuming activities for professors, limiting them from doing other relevant tasks. AI engines automate the evaluation process. This way, teachers spend more time on what matters most—helping their students to learn and develop new skills.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality are not the same thing. AR enhances the reality, and you can use this with a mobile phone. One of the best examples of AR is that popular Pokemon game that went viral. Instagram filters are some other examples of AR. On the other hand, for using VR, you’d need to use a headset.

VR and AR work as a teleportation machine for students and even as a time machine. This way, teachers don’t only tell them stories about history, but they can also show them how it used to be back then. 

Both VR and AR keep students engaged with the class while they’re also innovatively learning new things. Although not many schools have adopted this trend yet, others have used it in their favor. In the healthcare education sector, they’re using VR to help students practice surgery. This way, they lower the risk of medical failure. 

Internet Of Things

The IoT trend might also become very strong in the education industry. IoT means that some devices are connected to the Internet. Some examples of this are smart TVs or smart thermostats. IoT could help the education industry by providing interactive tools like smartboards or by automatically letting parents know about their children’s performance at school. 

On the other hand, teachers can easily keep track of students’ performance with this whole remote learning trend by using IoT devices. 

Remote Learning

The remote learning trend is constantly increasing, and it’ll probably be stronger in the future. Although some indispensable subjects need to be taken in physical classes, others could be easily handled online. 

With the advance of tech tools, students will feel more comfortable with remote education. Tools like Zoom Cloud Meetings or Google Classrooms have already made it easier for students to adapt to the remote studying trend. 

Resilience Above All

During the course of technology development, there have been some changes in the job market. Technology is disrupting jobs, so some professions have become less valuable than they used to be. Even tech professions like web development have been disrupted by technology. With tools like no-code platforms, non-techie users can easily build a website from scratch without having any coding experience. 

Therefore it’s crucial to be constantly learning about the new tech trends and how we can leverage them. This might be the most significant influence of technology in the education industry. Teachers need to emphasize the importance of resilience. This way, their students will learn to adapt to different circumstances and make the best out of them, regardless of tech disruption.


Technology disruption is a constant threat to most industries. However, we shouldn’t see this as a negative situation. Instead, we should embrace tech developments that will improve the education industry. Some of the leading trends out there include artificial intelligence, IoT, and virtual reality.

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