Credo Christian High School Presentation

Credo, let's learn How to get accepted to top universities and win scholarships

Welcome Credo families!

You can register for our FREE presentation to learn how you can join the alumni of top Canadian Universities and win thousands of dollars in scholarships.

  • Learn how top university candidates build their applications
  • Learn the criteria university applicants are actually evaluated on
  • Learn the scholarship system that ANY student can use
  • Learn how to find scholarships that you are eligible for
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A Credo Special Event

Presented by Madeleine G

Head Of Community – GrantMe Education

“GrantMe is much bigger than just getting into school and winning funding. It gives students the pathway to secure their future.”

Are you ready?

GrantMe has helped students get into the top schools and win over $4,500,000 in scholarships across Canada over the last 5 years.

Students succeed with their goals at GrantMe. And almost all of them had some of the same worries. Maybe all of them. We can help you too.

Let’s make sure you stand out.

 Join our presentation to learn the steps to become the right candidate, get accepted & win funding for pay for your education.

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