Clementine’s Corner

Hi there,


My name is Clementine, and I’m the team Cheerleader at GrantMe.

This is me! I know I look a little ruff here. This was before my haircut that week.

You’re probably trying to email me or check out my LinkedIn profile if you’re here.

Unfortunately, I currently don’t use those means to communicate or share my portfolio – I’m a bit more old-fashioned and prefer to catch up at the local park. (Preferably with some tennis balls within paw’s range).

However, if you are wondering how to reach me to ask about my experience at GrantMe or to learn a bit about how I’m doing, you can email GrantMe’s Marketing Team.

Due to a large volume of requests, they’re handling all of my incoming inquiries so I can focus on more critical projects like napping for at least 10 hours a day and building a happy office environment (with treats).

You can see my progress below.

Arry and Clementine. Even more happiness!

Pretty cool, huh?

It’s hard work being the only team cheerleader at GrantMe, but it’s something I enjoy, and I love working with the GrantMe team!

Remember, with a great team anything is paw-sible.

If you want to reach out and let me know your thoughts on this blog, you can email my team here. They’ll make sure it gets to me and I promise I will respond!



Edit on May 1st, 2022:

Hi all,

It’s Clem again.

I’ve recently been aware that there has been word going around that this blog was not written by Clementine but by GrantMe’s Marketing Team. I just wanted to let readers know that this was written with my own paws and no one else’s!

Keep being paw-sitive, friends!



Closing my eyes to keep all my haters away.

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