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Written by Arry Pandher and Kim Spencer

So, you’ve heard amazing things about the University of Waterloo but you’re still wondering “Where is the University of Waterloo?”. Does this sound about right?

Depending on what you plan to specialize in, this university has 3 outstanding specialized campuses less than 45 km away from the main campus.

Waterloo opened its doors in 1957 and is ranked one of Canada’s top innovation universities. They continue to provide work-integrated learning opportunities with thousands of active co-op employers, fostering an entrepreneurial dynamic.


The main Campus is in the city of Waterloo, located in southwestern Ontario. With a street address of 200 University Ave. West, it has easy access to cities like Hamilton, London and Toronto and is only 100 km west of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

As mentioned above, Waterloo also has 3 specialized campuses for architecture, health sciences, and digital media in the nearby cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Stratford.

Cambridge Campus:

The School of Architecture at the University of Waterloo in Cambridge is a nationally and internationally respected design school. Attracting top students, this campus is dedicated to educating the best architects in the world. The location is extremely attractive for a school of architecture, located in the historic former Riverside Silk Mill building.

Kitchener Campus

The School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo is Canada’s only co-operative education pharmacy program and is housed in a state-of-the-art education and research building on the Health Sciences Campus in downtown Kitchener. Located on Victoria Street South, in Kitchener, Ontario, they aim to prepare their graduates to serve as medication therapy experts.

Stratford Campus

The Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business is located just steps from downtown Stratford. They offer undergraduate and graduate programs in digital arts and design within a global business framework. Located at 125 St. Patrick Street in Stratford, Ontario, the building has an open-concept design with six classrooms, two media labs, and a wealth of project rooms and collaboration spaces.

Advantages of Studying in Waterloo

1. There’s always something to do

Together, the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener are just like one big city and there’s always something to do! With more than 400 restaurants, shops, and boutiques, you’ll never get bored, and Uptown is home to several festivals and events each year! Check out this link for more details on things to do in Waterloo!

2. It’s a student’s city

As the city of Waterloo is home to 2 universities and a college, it is dedicated to education, and many of the businesses and services in the Waterloo region are geared toward the student population.

3. There Are Plenty Of Educational Opportunities

The University of Waterloo is also located close to Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Guelph, and Conestoga College and often partners with these and other institutions to provide Waterloo students with the best education possible!

4. Enjoy The Beautiful Outdoors

Waterloo Region is connected by a series of urban and rural trails that are enjoyed by walkers, hikers, joggers, cyclists, mountain bikers and even cross country skiers. Whether you’re looking for leisurely paths that meander into city parks and past historic sites, or trails that wind their way through scenic countrysides and forests, there’s a route for you to explore in Waterloo Region.

5. Historic Sites

Waterloo is home to multiple historic sites including the Pioneers Memorial Tower which is a tribute to the German-speaking Mennonites who settled in the region at the turn of the nineteenth century. As well, the Doon Heritage Village is located on a 60 acre area featuring over 20 buildings that were common in the era including a blacksmith building, a sawmill, and a train station!

Getting there!

It’s easy to get to any of Waterloo’s campuses, whether you’re travelling by car, bus, train, taxi or air! Click here to see how to get to Waterloo using any of these means of transportation.

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