Where is Brock University? | Ultimate University Guide

Written by Arry Pandher and Lyza Tibunsay

So, where is Brock University?

Brock University is located in St. Catharines, a vibrant city of 132,000 people located in one of the most historic parts of Canada — the Niagara region. It is one of a few universities in the world located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Here are a few things why students choose Brock University as their next home! 🏡

The Niagara Experience

Niagara is one of Canada’s most unique regions, a diverse collection of communities, connected by rural landscapes and unspoiled nature and bordered by two Great Lakes, the mighty Niagara River and New York State.

From the thriving downtown St. Catharines arts scene to the culture of Niagara-on-the-Lake, to vineyards and farmers markets, to the mighty Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, the Niagara experience is like no other.


Brock’s beautiful campus is located in Niagara, a safe, fun, and vibrant region with beautiful natural surroundings. Brock University is close to the U.S. border, minutes from world-class tourism destinations and only an hour’s drive from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

According to a 2016 Statistics Canada survey, the St. Catharines-Niagara Metropolitan area ranks among the safest in Canada, with populations of more than 100,000 people.

On campus, their dedicated 24-hour security team protects their community. It provides additional support related to fraud, lost and found services, and a walk-safe program ensuring you’ll have peace of mind while you study.

Affordable Living

Niagara offers safe and affordable accommodation on and off-campus. Shared accommodation options are available for as low as $400 per month, which is less than half the cost of an average rental in Toronto!

The region also offers various housing options to choose from, including residence, individual apartments, or shared student housing, which are just minutes from Brock’s main campus.

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Campus Events There are so many cool events that they do throughout the year! You can check out what’s going on the campus through ExperienceBU—Brock’s online involvement portal and events calendar. Find events to attend, clubs to join, and be recognized for your involvement in the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum path!

Leadership Development At Brock University, they aspire to offer leadership opportunities to every type of leader. Are you interested in building your skills? Check out their leadership opportunities like Foundations in Leadership or the Student Leadership Network.

Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum Finding ways to be involved can be overwhelming. So to help you make the most of your experiences beyond the classroom, they have developed the Campus-Wide Co-curriculum (CWC)—a unique guide to help you navigate opportunities that will help you get involved and gain skills and knowledge outside the classroom.

Community Involvement

Just as it is important to your University experience to get involved on campus, it is also beneficial to be involved in the community. But what does it mean to get involved in the community?

  • Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, engage with the community, and build your resume. You can join Brock for days of service like Brock Cares or on local and international Alternative Reading Weeks, as well as at several events and fundraisers that they host in partnership with great community organizations. Or visit VolunteerFest or the ExperienceBU page to connect with community agencies looking for your help!
  • In addition to cheering on your favourite Brock Badgers, check out the Niagara Ice Dogs or the River Lions at the Meridian Centre.
  • Student Life coordinates more than 65 community events throughout the year in which students, staff, faculty, and alumni can participate. Show your Brock spirit in a parade, be part of the Brock team at Relay for Life, or dress up on Halloween and collect food for Community Cares at Trick or Eat!
  • Explore Niagara! Whether it’s a music and arts festival, a cool movie at the Film House, visiting one of the many museums and art galleries, or exploring the Bruce Trails, GO! Explore Niagara.

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Transit to Brock 🚎

Students registered in 1.5 or more credits are provided with a Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass).  Your U-Pass gives you access to St. Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Pelham and the Niagara Regional Transit Systems.

U-Pass is effective from the first day of classes until the end of the academic year. There is no Universal Bus Pass from May 1st until August 31st.

St. Catherines/Thorold

Each year, Brock students use St. Catharines & Thorold Transit over 2,500,000 times. Knowing this, BUSU has arranged for over 15 dedicated routes that will get students directly to Brock. You should download the St. Catharines Transit app so that you can be sure to never miss a bus and always know which routes will get you to your destination. Please familiarize yourself with the maps, routes and timing, as you may live in an area that requires you to transfer buses at the Pen Centre or Downtown Terminal. Remember, you a required to have a valid U-Pass sticker on your Brock ID to ride the bus.

Niagara Regional Transit

Students looking to access the Niagara Collection Outlet Mall in NOTL can take NRT Route 40/45 from the STC Downtown Terminal or directly from the Niagara Falls Terminal.

Students travelling from Niagara Falls to Brock will use the NRT Route 50/55.

Students wishing to use GO Bus Service can use 50/55 or 70/75 to access STC Downtown Terminal, then transfer to the 40/45 to Fairview Mall or continue on this route to Niagara College NOTL Campus. Check GO Bus schedules for your best route options.

Students can use the 50/55 and 70/75 to access STC Downtown Terminal and the Pen Centre.

Students looking for late-night and weekend service in Downtown Thorold can use the 50/55 that stops at Towpath before departing to Brock.

Students going to Niagara College can use the 40/45 to access the NOTL Campus and 70/75 to access the Welland Campus.


Welland Transit offers two (2) types of transit options for students: Brock Direct and Inner-City service. The direct to Brock Route is called the “Brock Link”, and it departs from Niagara College at 7:30 am and arrives at Brock at 7:50 am. The service runs hourly, which means it departs from Niagara College every 30 mins (7:30, 8:30, 9:30….) and arrives at Brock after 20 mins (7:50, 8:50, 9:50….). The last bus to Brock on the “Brock Link” leaves Niagara College at 9:15 pm and arrives at Brock at 9:35 pm. The last trip from Brock to Niagara College on the “Brock Link” leaves at 10:00 pm and arrives at Niagara College at 10:20 pm. The “Brock Link” only runs Monday to Friday.

Students are required to use the various Welland Transit “inner-city” routes to get to Niagara College to catch the “Brock Link” and to get home after arriving back in Welland on the “Brock Link”.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Transit provides an “inner-city” service for students travelling in Niagara Falls. Students travelling to Brock from Niagara Falls use the NRT Routes 50/55 or 40/45 (to Downtown Terminal).

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