How to prepare for the UBC Sauder Video Interview

Want to know what to expect from the UBC Sauder video interview? Keep on scrolling and we’ll give you the run-down of the interview process!

If you are applying to the UBC Sauder School of Business’s Bachelor of Commerce degree, you will be asked to provide a UBC Sauder video interview response questions in addition to your Personal Profile. You will be prompted to create your video responses within your application, including detailed instructions on how to include the video interview in the Personal Profile section of your application.

Why is the Sauder Video Interview Important?

In the BCom program, collaboration, in-class discussion, and public speaking are fundamental activities. Your ability to listen to others and to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas will be essential to your success in the program, and, in many cases, the success of your team during group work.

If you’re intimidated by the thought of speaking on-camera, don’t worry! The questions will relate to your personal experiences and opinions, so there are no wrong answers. In fact, the video interview is a great opportunity for you to showcase how you can think critically, perform under pressure, and stand out from other applicants.

How Does the Sauder Video Interview Work?

You’ll record video responses to prerecorded interview questions. Carefully read and follow all of the instructions found at the link provided in the Personal Profile section of the online application. Through the link, they will walk you through the technical setup and you’ll be able to try recording yourself before answering the two formal interview questions.

Make sure to:

  1. Read all instructions thoroughly.
  2. Allow yourself ample time to test your recording equipment.
  3. Try a practice question before recording responses to two set interview questions.

Please keep in mind that you’ll only have one attempt to respond to each question. Once you’ve started to view a question, you won’t be able to pause or replay it. You’ll be given 30 seconds to think about your answer, and up to 90 seconds to record it.

If you have a documented pre-existing or temporary barrier that prevents you from completing the interview portion of your application in this format, you can contact for accommodation. In your message, you should include your full name and provide relevant details regarding your circumstances. They will require up to three weeks once your message is received to consider an alternate format for submission.

How can you prepare?

It can be difficult through written format alone to express the distinct attributes and abilities that you believe make you a well-qualified applicant to the BCom program. In the Video Interview section of your Personal Profile you’ll have a chance to showcase how you can think critically, perform under pressure, and stand out from other applicants.

The questions they ask will relate to your own opinions and experiences. Remember, you are the expert on you! Think about your past challenges and achievements, your strengths, and your beliefs. The questions are all open-ended, meaning that there isn’t one correct answer. Your answers should:

  • be clear, insightful, and complete;
  • be genuine and unscripted (that is, not read from prepared statements or notes);
  • demonstrate professionalism and maturity; and
  • confirm that you have understood the questions asked by providing relevant responses.

Tips for creating your UBC Sauder Video Interview

  • Take time to reflect. Think about past challenges, achievements, strengths, and beliefs.
  • Create the best recording space possible. Close all other browser windows and programs on your device. Make sure there’s good lighting in front of you. Silence all audible alarms and alerts. Eliminate loud background noises, and make sure you are free from other distractions.
  • Be confident. Maintain good posture, smile, and present yourself professionally. You’ll find these simple actions will put you in the right mindset to deliver a natural response. Do not read from prepared statements or notes.
  • Don’t dwell on mistakes. Natural speech isn’t always perfect – the occasional “umm” or mispronounced word is commonplace and to be expected. If you misspeak during your response, take a moment, breathe, and keep going. Remember, you’ll have just one attempt to answer each question – there are no do-overs.
  • Be authentic. One of the reasons we’ve incorporated the video interview into your application is to get to know you better. Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear; tell us what you want us to know about you.

If you have not started working on your application yet, we encourage you to begin as soon as possible to make sure you have everything you need to submit your application on time. Want more information?  Read some tips here and watch a video about the interview process!

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